Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scott's Cell Phone Camera Kind Of Sucks

You know how I promised you those fabulous white jean photos from Mtl. Well, they really didn't turn out at all. They were fuzzy and the colour was off and the lighting insane. I did try to adjust them and these are the only 4 I could save. Alas, they don't really show the ensemble...

This is also a good time to mention that I appear to have completely misrepresented the outfit in the White Painter post. I am not dressed monochromatically and I'm not wearing tall heels and they aren't purple. Let's see this as a gentle homage, yes? The monochrome is in the bottom half of the look - white pants evaporate into pale sandals - improving the elongation effect. I do bring the berry tones into the outfit via the sweater.

All that matters is that I looked rather metropolitan sophisticate in white denim with a black shell, blueberry cardi (around shoulders here) and my champagne coloured shoes. I suggest you do this same.


  1. You always look beautiful, no matter what you're wearing, or what color it is!

  2. Metropolitan sophisticate is right! Those shoes are a glory to behold.

  3. At least you salvaged a great shot of your foot encased in a sandal. Hubba hubba!

  4. You and Scott having fun sans enfant? Yay!

    P.S. love the outfit and shoes!

  5. Very chic look. But do tell: how do you bear trousers in summer? I'm in shorts at the first drop of the thermometer and can't cover up till October.

    My "word" is stylica, which I translate as stylish Canadian!

  6. you are making the rules here, and i wouldn't have it any other way!

    you are very chic! and so fab!

  7. free pensils from Coach - I like your blog and just thought to share this amazing freebie:


  8. Did you imply that you were wearing towering purple heels. The metallic sandals are perfect with the white denim. Tres chic!

  9. E: Thank you so much!

    Sal: I am so loving those shoes. What a birthday score.

    Dr. M: I go with the important shots :-)

    Tessa: We are having lots of fun sans bambino. But I will be glad when she returns.

    Pink: Thank you.

    Miss C: Love Stylica! Mtl. was actually cold when we arrived. I'm no jeans wearing martyr, I assure you! Hate hot jeans when the weather warms.

    Droll: Thank you so much!

    Mardel: I don't know that I implied it, but just in case :-)

    Maegan: So glad to be providing a little eye candy :-)