Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing I Want

Photo from my perennial fave, DesiretoInspire...

I love that free standing fireplace. Everytime I see one in a chic restaurant or fancy hotel, I mentally calculate how to steal it without anyone noticing. I've tried to find out who makes it and a bit about its pedigree (I mean, it is iconic) but I can't seem to figure it out. Why have I never asked anyone??

The combo of the spindly table, the voluptuous fireplace, the elegant curve of the vases, the deep richness of the colour scheme refracted by the crystal - it's just blissful. Almost makes me miss winter. Not that we're having any kind of summer, particularly.


  1. Yes give me the fireplace any day - we've got your lousy miserable weather too - it keeps coming over the Atlantic!

  2. That fireplace is absolutely magical. Steal it! Do it!

  3. Kate: Isn't it absurd. I can't take it anymore!!!

    Sal: Who deserves a gorgeous fireplace more than us? Why don't I have one??

    Wendy: So pretty. I know!

  4. I have seen handbags that are big enough to hold a fireplace in. I totally think you could manage it. Distract the staff with some of your croissants and the fireplace is yours.

  5. it is so fabulous, would need a certain type of room to carry it off though i think!

  6. You know, at first I think the branches in the vase were on fire...
    I do like fires in winter, though right now I would much rather have air conditioning...

  7. Very cool. Would fit your TO chic aesthetic.

  8. I believe that's made by FireOrb. Now that you know, could you pick me one up too? I think it would look equally fab in my house. And I think we're having your summer on top of ours. It's going to be near 100f/32c all week - I'm dying.

  9. That's so gorgeous. I'd love a freestanding fireplace. I've been eyeing these...

  10. Bel: Those new Prada bags are totally big enough for this fireplace! Will try soon and let you know how it goes :-)

    Pink: Totally. But I'm committed to creating that room!

    Rebecca: It's cuz you're getting our summer out there! Wait a while and you'll be wanting this.

    Miss C: Thank you! I love the thought of my chic TO asthetic!

    Alek: Thanks so much for that info! I should have thought to ask you...

    nycrun: Oh, I know. And I love your blog. Thanks for your comment.

    Dream: Really? If you get one of these you have to post on it!!