Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Latest Online Acquisition

For a girl who likes to touch stuff before buying - to say nothing of trying on for fit - I'm really developing a taste for the online purchase. To wit, my latest score from Laws of General Economy:

Leifsdottir Cashmere Cardigan

In some strange twist, I purchased this from the same woman who bought my trench. It's like some wacky-ass clothes swap!

I really have no idea about how this is going to fit. It might be relatively "formless" on me (given my propensity for "fitted") or it might be just perfect to suit a new state of mind. I love the light grey/blue colour and it's a very interesting piece. The beautiful thing is that my vendor has had the opportunity to recycle a gorgeous piece she doesn't wear and I get to experience cashmere for $20.00.

Who appreciates cashmere more than me?

Update: It arrived and, alas, this piece isn't really ideal on me - too much fabric in the abdominal area and a bit long for my not so long torso. I have a cool plan though, to "recycle" it in the most fun way. Pls. stay tuned.


  1. To bad it didn't work out, but I am looking forward to seeing the transformation.

  2. What could this "plan" be??? ;)

  3. Intrigued by the idea of transformation...

  4. Too bad the ruffles aren't wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, a much smarter proportional application that would flatter anyone. It is beautiful, though.

    I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Can't wait to see how you recycle it!


  6. Looking forward to seeing what genius you have in store for this. I love Leifsdottir by the way.

  7. Its so sad when internet purchases are disappointing. Still, for $20 how can you go wrong?

  8. Oh well - but surely it would work open and with a skinny belt?

  9. Recycling sounds like a plan, but I like the gathered fabric, is it more of a gather than a ruffle?

  10. i love shopping on-line! but if i was being honest i'd have to admit that the "success" rate is about 50%. somehow i don't care about that, and i keep doing it! :)

  11. oh this is so pretty, i love the pastel shade.

  12. Hello Lovelies. I think you will be shocked by how I have given this a new life, just based on the comments. I love being all secret agent spy!

    Enc: What a smart design suggestion. It would be great that way - though maybe challenging for those of us with large chests. Of course, those with stomachs we're trying to conceal aren't winning the way it is designed!

    Alek: I was so intrigued to come face-to-face with the label. I only wish it had worked on me a bit better.

    Lavender: Oh, I think it was money well spent. Esp. because it gave me such a hopeful thrill of the chase!

    Kate: It really was too bulk through the midsection on me.

    April: It's more like a ruffle than a pleat.

    J: It's because you love the thrill of possibility! You are a dreamer. Lucky girl.

    Pink: thank you. The shade really is delightful.

  13. Way cute, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  14. Ms. U: Can you stand the suspense!?