Sunday, July 5, 2009

Other People's Gardens

You know my friend Hilary? Well, here are some photos of her beautiful, east end, urban garden taken at her adorable son's 5th birthday party a few weeks ago...

All the trim is Douglas fir

Hil's husband, David, designed the canvas structure that shades the garden

H is the 5 year old, C is his cutie-pie sister who's 3...

Recognize those chairs / table? Apparently it's a perennial IKEA fave.

The horizontal fence - a relatively expensive but optimally elegant solution - is made of spruce stained to look like Douglas fir. Smart, huh? Still really $$$ though.


  1. Of course I love that fence, it is expensive.;-) Really lovely yard.

  2. Doug fir is a very strong wood that reminds me of a slightly less dense cherry.

    It is an interesting choice. The straight grain is very soothing and it is hard enough to have nice tight joinery.

  3. Pink: Ain't it?

    Bel: It's got a very mellow vibe.

    D.: I love the doug fir. One of my fave looks. If only it were affordable :-)