Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Can Actually Walk in These...

That day when M and I went to get the Webkinz, I just happened upon these. Which is to say, I was walking by the Aldo in Dufferin Mall (hardly the choicest location - but definitely the cheapest) and they called to me from the window. These shoes are a really lovely, soft rich leather and the style is just retro enough, just modern enough to work with practically everything. Turns out I got the last size 9 in this colour. Rather strangely, while I was trying them, 3 other women asked for the very same size and shade. They all gave me hate looks as I said I'd take 'em. The best: They were $70.00. Very well-priced for such a wearable shoe.


  1. They look comfortable but stylish.

  2. Great buy and I can understand why the other women were jealous at you. The best thing is that you can even walk in them! What can you ask for more?

  3. I love this kind of shoe. I have one that is sort of similar and they are comfortable and cute--I love when that happens.
    I especially love your new find paired with the peacock blue tights.

  4. You finally found your walkable heels! They're gorgeous. As are your tights.

  5. Very flapper-y cool! Is it tights weather in Toronto already? (Of course it is: Thanksgiving is around the corner!)

  6. Hooray for a versatile shoe! T-bars are the best too.

  7. Lovely. They make me think of Chie Mihara.

    I'd have to fight to keep from laughing if I had to see those three other women.

  8. those shoes are adorable! love them!

  9. I LOVE!! Drool, i'm jealous!!

  10. You had good shoe karma that day. Those hateful women are doomed to bad shoe karma, now that they shot dagger looks your way.

  11. D'oh!

    I never said "cute shoes!"

    Cute shoes!

  12. Wendy: That's totally it!

    F: You know, when you feel gorgeous but you're not in pain?!

    Belette: The tights are really more grey than blue (though the undertone is def blue). Weird how pics distort things.

    Dr. M: I love your shoe comments! And I loved your Tough clothes post yesterday.

    Y: Thank you!

    Miss C: It was, and now for the TG weekend it's going to be 24 and sunny!!

    Andrea: Thanks.

    Skye: Never had a T strap, amazingly. They're my new fave!

    Raven: What a compliment! Thanks.

    Tea Lady and Paper Doll: Thank you. You too can get them from Aldo (maybe online?)

    E: Thank you. I was having excellent shoe karma. I'll never give a shoe trying woman a dirty look. :-)

    E8: Hilarious!

    MDM: Merci beaucoup. Think of them during your class :-)

  13. LOVE 'em with those tights!

  14. I just love those shoes, the T strape, the colour and the way they seem confy.
    LOL and what a buy...


  15. I find walking is s overrated, but if you must then these are a cute option.

  16. the leather does look very soft and lovely. How cool to beat the other shoppers! :P

  17. Sal: The tights are actually over-the-knee socks (like stay up panty hose, but cable-knit tights material). They're kind of sexy...

    Seeker: They were a super price!

    Matt: This comment had me in stitches!! Alas, I must walk. So thanks for your approval :-)

    Songy: The leather is sooooo soft. Way softer than the price point would suggest.

  18. Hey you know what one of my co-workers would do? She would take those beautiful shoes to the shoe repair and have them put on even cushier rubber pieces on the bottom to make them even more comfy and last longer. She is known for standing on her feet all day in heels. FYI

  19. Nadine: Thanks!

    Marth: That has to be the inimitable Doris, yes? She's very smart - in all ways.