Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Preloved so it's Guilt-Free

You may have heard of the Canadian brand Preloved. At one time it was simply a store selling vaguely grungy, rather interesting reworked vintage. Now it's a concept incorporating beautifully realized designs by Peter Friesen. Though, alas, the pricepoint has shot up.

Preloved's less fun claim to fame is that the original, long-standing location at Queen and Bathurst was burned to the ground along with many others in a spectacular, horrible fire at last year.

So pleased to say that, like a phoenix, the store has recreated its retail space on Queen Street (farther West across from Trinity Bellwoods Park) and it is so much nicer than the old one it does justice to the design transformation it has also undergone. I took a number of interior shots which somehow I managed to erase without loading them on my computer. So you'll have to settle for some fuzzy closeups of cool clothing:

This style of sweater dress is made from three different garments and every one is unique.

This top is awesome but my camera didn't do it justice. It's a knit-fabric combo.

Lovely Sales Associates whose names I'm embarassed to tell you I cannot remember. (This is why you write stuff down!) I believe they are Erin and Victoria. Sorry if I've got it wrong, Ladies!

Me trying on this fantastic asymmetrical short-sleeved sweater reworked from 3 knit pieces. I wish I'd got a better shot. The pattern on the back is differnt than the front. Each sleeve is unique (one puffy and cuffed, the other rough and short). It was $120.00, which is why I didn't buy it. Gotta draw the line at vintage-fashioned, short-sleeved sweaters for that kind of cash. Though I will be back there for something soon, I am certain.


  1. Doll, just a quick note. You're so stylish! You look so great! Love it.

  2. Gosh those dresses are clever. I love the sleeve treatments.

  3. Loving the dress and the shirt is so pretty.
    And you look amazing dear.


  4. Love that brand, Anthropologie carries a few of their items, namely a high waisted skirt made from several pairs of trousers. It's so cute!

  5. Buy! SEND! TO ME!
    (pinkey grey sweater dress pls)

  6. It looked great one you girl, but then again everything looks great on you.

  7. I just adore that reconstructed look. I remember reading that these guys will have online commerce soon - hurrah!

  8. K-line thank you for the good luck wishes.. it really, truly means a lot!!!!

    As always, you are looking fabulous, I love high waist skirts.. but the never look good on me.. my butt is too big.

  9. They are funky. You North Americans call these people Sales Associates? How formal.

    Like in Australia people will cringe at that kinda term. :)

    I love your twitter update widget there!

  10. MORE...I'd like to see more and close up of that asymmetrical knit. There was something (young not old and crazy) Liza about your last like!

  11. Am loving the idea of different sleeve lengths/textures . . .

  12. Ooh this is too cute!! What a clever idea!!

  13. Janet: Me too. They are also a bit $ but I may buy one yet.

    Tanya: Thank you so much. You're little guy is the cutest!

    E: They are much better in real life than the pic captures.

    Seeker: Thank you, as always. There were other dresses I got a shot of and then lost somehow. Those were made of old tweed clothes and looked very chic and retro.

    Monique: Thanks for your comment. I didn't know that. Good info.

    Hammie: Honestly, if I were a richie-rich (or weren't paying off a ridiculous bathroom reno $$$), I would send you one in a flash. I bet they'll have this style for a long time so you may get one yet.

    Dr. Monkey: Please keep commenting on my blog because you are so good for my self-esteem.

    Sal: The brand is better known than I realized. Good info.

    GJ: I think it's all in the cut of the skirt. You need something lined that is quite fitted but has good give in the hips and ass. Of course, really high end designers do this best. And charge for it. How is it finding clothes for bootie in the land of slim tininess?

    Songy: Sometimes they're also called SA's - would the Aussies like that better? :-)

    Mattie: Hilarious! I love Liza (from the "with a Z" era). Do Aus people say zee or zed?

    Miss C: The sleeves were the hardest thing to walk away from on that sweater. It was something I've never seen before.

    Paper Doll: You, with your creative construction skills, must give this a go, ok?