Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is That Style Of Shirt I Covet...

This is for all you long-waisted, linear types.

It's well and good to focus on the looks I can rock, but also useful to appreciate my limitations. If I could wrinkle my nose and spend the day in some other body type, you can betcha it would be 5 feet 10, long, lean, with concave abdomen and B cup boobs. And it would be wearing one of these tops with a slim cut, architectural black blazer and high-waisted skinny pants. Hmmm, media isn't feeding me any imagery :-)

So, if you happen to fit this description - especially if you sometimes lament it (is this possible??) - please put on some similar outfit, love yourself, and then email me a pic.

PS: You don't even need to be tall or a matchstick to wear this. You just have to be sorta flat.

PPS: Apparently, according to the small-boobed cognoscenti, just wearing this style imparts the illusion of chesty voluptuousness. That you can get rid of when it becomes tiresome...


  1. dang, I'm only 169cm tall (5.5 foot). I guess I could still try. I'm kinda flat chested too. :)

    Not sure about that electric blue but I would love to try white and brown. Very cute.

    Oh that post, I decided to consider the time difference. It's only 11th there right? :)

  2. This is a beautiful look that'll never work on me, the short-waisted, not-big-boobed girl who doesn't have any of the aforementioned clothes anyway.

    But it's lovely! I share your dream, and the colors are all spectacular.

  3. Flat-chested: Check

    Tall: Uncheck

    Hope you get some takers, K. The outfit you describe sounds incomparably chic

  4. since when 'covet' isn't one of the deadliest sin... I covet the grey top now!! Repent later...

    Lovely weekend to ya' dear...

  5. I like # 1, but feel (like you) that those blouses are very hard to wear unless, as you say, one is not well endowed.

  6. I'm medium tall-5'8"-but definitely not flat. Love the blouses, but they wouldn't look right on me either.

  7. I'm not that tall (about 5,5) but I still think I could wear this, because I'm not around tall people all day - I'm 14. I love the last top! What's the link?

  8. What do you think?
    I'm 1,69 cm (like Songy how curious), concave abdomen and B cup boobs....
    Could I pull it off??? (My tights aren't the best :( )


  9. Oh go on wear what you want! A good well fitted bra will make any thing work. I'd wear the electric blue it is gorgeous.

  10. Aw, gorgeous! I love that style of shirt - have been drooling over some similar ones lately. I am pretty flat in the boobal region, so perhaps I can pull them off (not literally). We shall see!

  11. Oooh I really like the first one!

  12. 5'9 with a D cup. Nope, these tops are not for me. I can see why you covet. I have picked up a top like this only to remember that I am not the gal this was made for.

  13. As a vertically challenged type (5'4" in heels), I'm still a fan of all these tops and think the right length pencil skirt and cute heels could make all the difference. I wouldn't dare venture into the world of high waisted skinny pants though, I'd look like a Wizard of Oz-esque munchkin. Eep!

  14. I had this great vintage silk tie neck blouse like the grey one you've pictured; I stupidly gave it away thinking, "I'll never wear yellow." Now I still think of the mistake I made...Like your blog a lot!

  15. I hated these blouses when I saw them first. And I don't really do blouses as they involve ironing and can be very prone to small chocolate handprints on the back where you cant see them. But I must be starting to absorb the trend by osmosis as I think I will have a look in H & M this week.

    Damn fashion bloggers grrrr

  16. Great, thanks for the piece of advice! :)

  17. OK, for starters, I love how some of you have actually been giving this look a go and posting photos on your blogs. Fantastic! Love the look...

    Songy, I think you would rock this look. Please try it!

    E: I'm so surprised to hear you say this because you were one of the peeps I had in mind, specifically, who would look great in this. Maybe you just haven't found the right bow??

    Savvy: That's my fave too.

    Sal: You know your shape so well, I'm sure if you decided to give this a go, you'd choose the perfect way to wear it on you.

    Lenore: I love that, repent later! I do it all the time :-)

    Miss C: The well-endowed have tight sweaters to keep us warm at night :-)

    Janet: You might be able to do the look in a partial style i.e. sweater with neck tie (sounds awful but I have one and it can be nice).

    KD: I should have credited the pics which I found on Elle UK website. At 14 you can wear anything! Experiment, I say.

    Seeker: You pulled it off fabulously!! I want your concave stomach :-)

    MDM: That's such a practical, British/Canadian way of looking at it :-) You could be right. I'm going to give it another try. But it could take me a while to find the right shape for me. I am quite curvy!

    Andrea: You did it fantastically!

    Wendy: You just channel tall :-)

    Katlin: Thanks.

    Belette: Ah, but you have height. Your half way there. Your dimension sound fantastic to me, btw!

    Ms. Unreliable: Nice to see your comment and to check out your blog. I hear you about being small with the high-waisted look. It's a toughie, no doubt.

    -h: Try it!

    Karen: I've had that experience. And yellow sound so good. (Not that I'm trying to fuel the fire!) You will find something just as wonderful, I'm sure.

    Hammie: Chocolate handprints make them "individual signature style" :-) I think the look would be perfect with your new shoe collection...

    Estrella: Thanks to you. Try it out and let us know how it goes...

  18. I've tried that look so much but I instead of looking edgy, editorial assistant, I always look like a frumpy secretary. Sour grapes!