Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What I Wore

OK, no one is ever going to accuse this of being the most flattering photo, but I tried to do one of Sal's scarf tying techniques and something went somewhat amiss. I've been told sometimes I don't follow instruction so well :-) Sal: I will try harder tomorrow.

PS: Sal's taking her act on the road. Check out her new column at Capessa...


  1. I think it's great :)
    And I'm loving the details... scarf, belt...


  2. Hi there K, I've passed an award on to you, please see my blog for details

  3. Thank you so much for your note. I so appreciate it. I love the scarf. Whether you followed the directions or not it looks great on you.

  4. Heeeey, thanks for the plugs, beautiful! You're the bestEST.

    The scarf looks like a lovely one ... which tie did you try? I can send you the original info that I used to make the tutorials, iffen you're interested.

  5. Practice makes perfect and you need a bolder colour as your hair is such a gorgeous colour. I think it looks lovely but you need more drama.

    I love the fact you've used slow fashion already - you early adopter!

  6. The scarf might have gone amiss, but I think it looks great. Great art often comes from accidents and mistakes!

  7. I prefer to spin this as "K.Line's Fabulous NEW! Scarf-Tying Technique!"

  8. I noticed how you paired your stockings with your cardigan. I bet you look fab in pencil skirts as well, we can thank Ms. Palin for bringing those back? hehe

  9. Looks alright to me. Cardi with a belt.. well executed.

  10. Thank you Seeker. It kind of reminds me of one of your outfits!

    Bronwyn: Thanks again for such a fabulous award. I'm going to do an award post in the near future (I have a few saved up).

    Belette: So happy you enjoyed the note. And thanks for your nice comment!

    Sal: I like to plug the sassy blogs :-) I was doing the second one (the french knot?). But then I decided to "improvise" and that's when it all went to hell!

    MDM: It's true. I'm an early adopter!! It's a great term that I'm sure will be in the vernacular soon.

    Merci, CC!

    Skye and Enc: You are both too kind! See above re: improvisational scarf tying technique :-)

    GJ: That happened by accident, but I'll take the credit :-) I love a nice pencil skirt. Gotta wear one soon.

    Thanks, Songy. I love your post with the shoes / styled outfits. Great stuff.

  11. oh this look is great... love all kind of layering

  12. Thanks, N. It's getting to be that temp when you never know how to leave the house. Will you be too hot or too cold. Mind you, we're moving fast into too cold territory...