Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Feel So B'Loved!

Today, as I was leaving the house to get to work (following a lovely long weekend visiting with my mother), I was struck - as I always am under these circumstances - by how truly suboptimal the whole "global" thing can be.

I was doing quite well, saying good-bye to my mum, putting a good face on seeing her 2-3 times a year for a few days, when my child really brought it all home. M was inconsolable at the thought of her grammy (whom she sees so infrequently and with such joyful fanfare) leaving practically moments after her arrival. It reminded me of my own profound depression and feelings of loss when, as a child who always lived far from family, my grandparents would visit and leave in largely the same scenario.

Joy and sadness really are so linked.

But how, you may wonder, does this segue into a post about happiness and blog friendship? Well, corollaries really are the name of the game here. The global expansion that sees my family living 1000 miles away is the same one that facilitates my camaraderie with all of you. And that's a big fucking deal as far as I'm concerned!

In the last week I've been particularly fortunate to receive a whole bunch of love tags from many of you. I am so grateful for these:

I Love Your Blog:

This was given to me by my fave expat sistah, Miss C and my fave New Zealander, Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour.

Now I get to pass this along to seven of my fave blogs! (I know this one's been floating for a while so, if you've been double tagged by me, just consider yourself that much more loved. I sure do!)

Yulanda's little thoughts has some big photos. And by big I mean incredibly beautiful.

Cheap Jap, one of my newer reads, is incisive and it has a lot of nerve. It's also very sound on shopping principles.

La Belette Rouge writes courageously about difficult things and difficult times. I'm so pleased to have discovered this fantastic blog.

Already pretty Sal is a great, straight-shooting writer and the kind of girl, I know, would help me out of any jam. She turned me onto Cheap Jap. So she's very on the pulse.

Please Sir does all the interiors so chicly! I look forward to her antique finds and beautiful ideas each day.

Monkey Muck, creation of the illustrious Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein (it's his real name), is a fantastic window onto smart American politics read by smart Americans (and other nationalities!)

Skye, from Skylark and Son, is a take-no-prisoners adventurer in all ways. Can't wait to see how her new life unfolds over the next few weeks.

Beautiful Blogger Award:

Now this one is a fab award to receive, not only because it's such an adorable photo and terrific sentiment, but because it was started by Hammie, a truly fantastic writer, advocate, mother, stylista and all around super being.

Having talked up this award's originator, I must also tell you how thrilled I am to have been tagged by FashionAbility, my window onto the very mysterious South Africa and a creative force who finds some of the most evocative photos from the past I've ever seen. I always look forward to her new posts. When she stopped blogging for a while earlier this year, I was sooooo upset!

The rules for this one are:

1. The nominated person can put the picture on their blog.
2. Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to the person who founded the award, Hammie'sblog.
3. Give it to two bloggers and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blogs to make them aware that they're nominated.
5. You are free to pass it on again, when you are "inspired" by a beautiful post or a beautiful blog.

Enc of observationmode, unsurprisingly, is one of my two inspirational recipients. I have been reading her blog for months, I love her way of expressing herself, her populism, her great shoe choices, her shopping integrity. So here's to you E!

Matt aka Imelda, Despotic Queen of Shoes, is insane in the most excellent way! He tells it like he sees it, sees a lot of things and isn't afraid to take a chance. And he likes zebra print...

I ♥ This Blog (Not to be confused with I Love Your Blog - above)

Seeker is a sensitive, poetic soul with an eye for the colour and great shapes that suit her super figure! Thanks to her for considering me when handing out this award.

Here are the rules for this one...

1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

Editor, of Into Construction, blows my mind with challenging questions and great ensembles.

The Clothes Horse, now the travelling clothes horse, makes stylishly jumping from place to place seem easy.

WendyB, new aunt and gorgeous philanthropist, also designs some fairly great jewels and writes about history like nobody's business!

Mahalo Fashion gives great celeb photos with commentary. And Jen comes up with the longest posts I've ever seen. Like, as long as this one :-)

One of the joys of blogging, is learning about new sites. One of my new faves is Make, Do and Mend. I feel like I'm in fashion school :-)

And speaking of new, have you check out C'est Si Belle? It's Songy's new offering and it's picturey delight.

I always like to acknowledge the tried and true, and Fructzwerg's Island is a terrific blog showcasing gorgeous German style.

11 Little Things Meme:

Enc, my favourite thinker who acts on her thoughts, tagged me with this super fun meme. After much consideration, here are my 11:

1. Clothes Shop: Impossible to choose though I love Club Monaco

2. Furniture Shop: Man, this is a challenging game! Also can't choose but I'll go with Style Garage

3. Sweet: OK, obviously not a meme for the indecisive amongst us. I'm gonna say coffee ice cream but that is so not the only one, it's not funny.

4. City: Montreal

5. Drink: Perrier

6. Music: Young & Sexy

7. TV Series: This Hour Has 22 Minutes

8. Film: I see about 2 movies a year, and I'm embarrassed to say that film just doesn't stick in my mind... The last film I saw was Penelope (on video).

9. Workout: Yoga

10. Pastries: Clafouti or anything with a custard base

11. Coffee: Short, dry, extrahot, double shot cappuccino

I wanna know about the preferences of anyone who wants to tell me. Seriously, try it. This one is fun to do...

Quirks Meme:

And, finalement (phew), Songy, a woman who speaks 3 languages and wears sneakers like they're Manolo's, has tagged me to learn about my quirks :-):

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they've been tagged
6. You can now display this charming dalek image i created when tagged!

It is a charming image!


1. When I get stressed, I sweep the floor.

2. I can sing pretty well.

3. I can't stand things when they are askew. That means, if magazines or trivets or anything (really) is on a wonky angle, I cannot relax until I straighten it out. (Or sweep.)

4. I love fresh flowers and try to have at least 3 vases of them in my house at all times.

5. I always match my underwear and it's always gorgeous.

6. I will talk to anyone, anywhere. I am truly NOT shy.

I'd love to know a few quirky details about Lavender & Yolk, SisterW at Goddamit I'm Mad, Etoilee8 at So Much to Come, Nadine at Strawberry Kitten, Super Kawaii Mama and Jill at Couture Salope.

Now I need to lie down :-)


  1. Congratulations!!!I have just *known* you for a short time but I can sincerely say that I can see why you are so loved. You have a fantastic blog and deserve mountains of accolades.;-)

    I am so delighted to receive this lovely award from you. Really, thank you!!!!

    Oh, and we have Perrier and coffee ice cream in common! I love coffee in almost any form.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Yay! Thank you so much for the tag - i love getting these. I have a little stockpile of them at the moment, so might save them for a moment when I have blogging time, but no inspiration.

    No wonder you have a whole swag of tags, you're an awesome wee beastie!

  3. I am honored to recieve this award from you. Thanks so much. My real name is is very easy to find, just look my blog up on Technorati. Having said that my dear, you can call me anything you like after saying such nice things about me and my blog.

  4. Thanks so much, kitten! Of course I would help you out of any jam, and I know you'd do the same for me. Congrats on this mountain of well-deserved b'love!

  5. Thank you! Wow, that's a whole lot of tagging that you received.

  6. I think it's really timely. So many of us are receiving blog love and spreading far and wide. Just what we need in this tough time. Thank you so much for plugging C'est si belle.

    You made this tag post really interesting. Wish I could write like that! It's a bit of a marathon isn't it? I had to lie down after writing mine during the weekend. I found a blog I like in the list. I know almost all of them except the one in Germany. I don't believe I visit any German blogs on a regular basis. Thank you for putting so much effort in this.

    ps. I am so proud of my dalek image. That's actually my alarm clock.

  7. Yay, I beat out the guys from Flight of the Conchords to be your favourite New Zealander! :) That is a point of pride indeed.

    Congrats on all the awards - definitely well-deserved!

  8. Congratulations on being such a big-time awardee!

    And now that I've read this whole post, I know everything to know about you. I just don't know what a "dry" coffee is.

    K., thanks so much for the "Beautiful Blogger" award! I'm thrilled to be in Imelda Matt's company, as he's my cyber BFF. I'll pass it on anon!

  9. The despot is humbled (considering my sporadic commenting and absence during fashion week) and I believe that after all the zebra print I've seen - we've started the hottest trend from SS09.

  10. Congratulations to your many awards and thanks a lot for my award! *hugging you*

  11. Thanks for the tag! I love Darleks (and tags). Also the last season of - David Tennent filled - Doctor Who goodness has just finished up here so I am feeling withdrawal.

  12. You are welcome, WB!

    Belette: Thanks so much - that is such a generous compliment and I really appreciate it. All the sassiest girls like Perrier and coffee ice cream :-)

    Thanks Skye: I imagine you have your hands full in every way right now. But when the time is right, you'll have a fun bunch of tags to distribute. It's like being Santa :-)

    Dr. M (I prefer a little mystery): Glad it went over well. You political types talk about serious things and I didn't want to go all "fashion blog" style on you :-)

    Thanks Sal. Can't wait to see what great new blogs you turn me onto next.

    Y: You are so welcome. It was a bit insane, non? But in the most fantastic way!

    Songy: I'm so with you on using whatever means possible to connect meaningfully with others in a hard time. This little planet's having a bit of a midlife crisis! The Daelek is excellent, btw. I love Dr. Who.

    Andrea: Your in a whole different bracket :-)

    E: Dry when applied to an espresso beverage means that there's relatively little milk (if any) but foam on the top. So it's a really dark capp with lots of foam.

    And you are so welcome. Thanks for providing us with so many things to think about.

    We really have, Matt. Why hasn't Vogue called yet?

    F: Thanks to you and hugs back.

    Lavender: We have Songy to thank for that little reprieve :-)

  13. Thank you so much......I just had one from Hammie and I can't believe I got another. too kind xxx
    What la belette rouge says it so true

  14. Thank you so much dear for your so nice and kind words about me, and also for seing me behinde the fashion pictures.

    Congrats for such awards, you deserve them, you're a sweet blogger.
    Also I really liked to know more about you. These memes are always great ways to share more about us.
    And thank you for sharing.


  15. oh k.line, my mom is across the country too, and i've also seen (yes, seen) my daughter's heart crack in half when a visit comes to an end.
    i feel for you.
    thanks for the award!!!

  16. Why do the quirks have to be unspectacular?? I'm easily confused, K-Line!

  17. Sister: As you have only SPECTACULAR quirks (I know this), you have special dispensation to write about those, if you prefer :-) I didn't make up the meme so I don't know exactly why it requests unspectacular. I agree that spectacular quirks are more fun.

    Editor: It's a special kind of awful, non? How old is your daughter? I hate to say that I don't think it gets better with age. If anything, as I got older, it got worse for me. What's a mother to do?? Sometimes parenting is painful.

    Seeker: Your true self shines through all of your pics. Thank you for you lovely comment.

    MDM: Corroboration of Belette's comment is sooooo nice! Enjoy your tags. Can't wait to see who you direct us to...

  18. Thanks so much for the amazing award! I'm truly flattered. Glad to hear more about you!

  19. You're welcome Diana! I love learning about people through these tags...