Sunday, October 19, 2008

What I Wore

This was last Thursday's outfit:

The sweater, which I've profiled before, is Karoo Mark Eisen. It was originally $300.00 at my (now-defunct) best-kept secret but I got it for $80.00. It's cashmere and the funnel sleeves just thrill me. The skirt is vintage Rae Phillips, $40.00. It's this excellent wool wrap skirt with 2, original mother-of-pearl buttons and inside snaps. It has beautiful drape and it's so timeless. The boots are Franco Sarto vegan. Every girl with skinny calves needs a pair of these because they suck to your legs no matter the width.


  1. I didn't know Franco Sarto did vegan. That's so cool, because vegan boots—cool ones, anyway—are tough to find.

    I love funnel sleeves on you! And the t-neck makes you look so snuggly.

  2. Cool outfit. If I ever get a boob job I am bringing a photo of you to the doctors office. Aye Curumba!

  3. Bargain cashmere is the best kind!

  4. You are rockin' that sweater six ways to Sunday. All I can say is, "Wow."

  5. Wow, vegan boots!!!
    How amazing!!!!
    You look really nice and the sweater is very pretty with those sleeves.


  6. can't go wrong with cashmere top :) i love that cut on you. Sleeves are nicely shaped. Now what colour is that lip gloss/stick? That's lovely.

  7. That sweater would've been worth $300 ... it looks amazing on you, lady.

  8. That skirt with that lipstick is heaven on you. Love every element of this outfit. If I were you I would wear it often.

  9. Hey All: I feel I should clarify about the vegan comment - since I don't want to be misleading in any way. FS doesn't call these vegan boots (this being one of a number of styles constructed out of the same fabric) but they are fashioned out of man-made materials and are worn for this reason by a number of my veggie friends.

    E: Thank you!

    Hammie: That is one hell of a compliment!! I think you should give the credit to Freya, though. That's the co. that designs my fave bras.

    Thanks W, me too!

    Skye: The only kind for my budget!

    Dr. M: I know I'm on track when you comment. Thanks :-)

    Andrea and Seeker : The sleeves are amazing until you reach for something over a plate of food and get everything everywhere :-)

    Songy: Glad you like it. The colour is Bobbi Brown Cassis (No. 28). It's a fave. Then I put some weird lip gloss on top of it to make it shiny.

    Sal: Thank you. I just recoloured my hair (crazy colour) and I don't think anything in my wardrobe is going to work anymore. Eeeek. Hair may be changing again.

    Thanks Belette: I will, on your advice!

  10. I really think bell/or funnel sleeves are so sexy and attractive- the allow my torso to appear longer and leaner than originally!

    I got a pair of shoes once that normally go for $180 but got them for $40-- I am always bargain hunting.