Monday, October 20, 2008

What I Wore

Sometime last week:

So my mood was obviously pissy, but whose wouldn't be what with the days disappearing into dark mornings and dark evenings? I know this isn't my best shot. I hesitated posting it because I feel it makes me look, well, fat. And I'd hate not doing justice to this incredible, versatile, warm blazer/jacket thing from Sisley. Because it really is special (and flattering, swear). You can brooch it closed, wear it open (and flappy, exposing a gorgeous lining), belted with the tie, belted with a thick patent belt, totally high-necked. The sleeves are close cut and the shoulders slightly puffed from mini pin-tucks.

It's one of the few pieces I've unhesitantly paid full-price for ($250.00). No regrets about the purchase. Just the photo :-)


  1. Lovely Jacket! And def worthy to pay the full price!

  2. Sugar, you do not look any near fat in that photo. You look stunning, as usual.

  3. Seriously. Cranky, yes. Chubby, heck no. And that jacket is truly fantastic - love those sophisticated folds.

  4. Your mood distorted your vision. Nope, you do not look fat at all.
    The shape of that jacket is fantastic. So worth every penny you paid.

  5. Thanks F. I imagine this is the kind of jacket you would like and wear!

    Dr. M: Thank you! Fat days are so tough. I was worried about losing the "most stylish girl" in TO status :-)

    Sal: Seriously cranky. Seriously! But thanks for decrying the fat concerns. The folds are my fave!

    Thanks Belette: I wish everyone could see the inside (I should take a pic, non) because it's such awesome lining.

    Thanks W!!

  6. Great jacket and love the use of pissy! And is that a scowl I see - banish all fat thoughts immediately otherwise the wind'll change and the scowl will remain...

  7. It does look versatile! And you don't look fat at all. :)

  8. The jacket is totally awesome. I love stuff with an interessting pattern!

  9. You don't look fat in the least - just kind of pissed off. I kind of like the accidentally angry/scary photos I take of myself (usually it's because I'm standing there waiting for the self-timer and squinting to see if I've got my feet and head in shot), and I like this one of you too!

    Great jacket thing!

  10. What color/print is the lining? All designers should be so gracious as to add lovely lining . . .

  11. Oh dear you don't look fat, it's one of those things that we think. I know, I'm always there!!!

    The jacket seems so versatil, great.

    Smile ;)


  12. wow thats a pretty jacket, love the colour and everything, u look awesome in it!!! And no way u look fat in that!! CURVY like Marilyn Monroe, YES!

  13. I don't care what you say, you don't look pissy or fat! You look fabulous!

    You've been told. :|

  14. I was going to say without actually reading the text how gorgeous you look with that jacket. I love that kind of lapel/closure.

    well i'm never happy with my pictures. never.

  15. You do not look fat missy!! I'm sorry about you getting shorter days - but i am rather enjoying my longer ones if that makes you feel better?

  16. Hey Y'all: By the power of suggestion I can now look at this photo and feel entirely svelte! Thank you all for reminding me that sometimes fat's a state of mind :-)

    MDM: Scary thought. Scowl is officially gone!

    Andrea and Seeker: So versatile it's like 5 jackets in one.

    Thanks Nadine.

    Skye: I'm kind of scary when I actually am pissed off :-)

    Miss C: It's a silk liner with very delicate circles in diff colours on a taupe/grey backdrop. At least that's how I think of it. What if I look tonight and that's totally inaccurate? I'll take a pic and post it.

    Cordelia: Like Marilyn?? OK, I'll take that any day :-)

    Songy: Isn't it interesting how we're so self-critical? Cuz I think your pics are terrific all the time!

    Doll: Someone should be having fun. Today they said it would be 7 degrees but it's actually turned out (to everyone's surprise) to be minus 2?!?! Didn't dress for that eventuality. And it's brutal grey.

  17. Winona: Never seen a comment from you here before. I feel like I've hit the big time! :-) Thanks for your lovely compliment and please visit again.