Friday, October 17, 2008

In Case You Didn't Believe Me...

What is it with me these days and pointing out the flaws? I've spent so long going to such lengths to make you think I'm infallibly stylish and here I am deconstructing the illusion :-) Well, to my credit, I know this is unflattering and I didn't even consider buying it for a moment.

It's that gorgeous red dress from Club Monaco I coveted:

Only on me it says "Put it back".

Give me credit for listening...

PS: Late breaking news is that some key element of our home network has given up the ghost and it may take till next week to get new part to fix it. If this is the case, you may not see me commenting or responding to comments till Monday. What if I can't read the blogs on the weekend?? Having separation anxiety and fear of reader inbox getting so overfull they cut me off. Hope for quick fix pls.


  1. Oh dear, no blog reading? I'm sure you'll survive, and enjoy doing what the rest of the world does! Have fun and enjoy the time off.

    Do you ever feel strangely relieved when you try on something you coveted, only to find it truly doesn't work?

  2. Oh, you will be missed. Hope the network comes back to full speed soon.

    I hate it when something I have long longed for is not what I dreamed. I am going to try on a skirt today that has been on my mind for weeks. I so hope it is a dream come true. Or, I have to find something else to long for. Not good. I suppose it is possible to exist without longing for a new dress. But, I don't think it would be as much fun!;-)

    Have a lovely weekend.xo

  3. I think the dress looks cute but if it didn't live up to your expectations....

  4. Really? You really didn't like that on you? Well, lady, you'd be wearing it and you know best ... but I think it looks fantastic.

    Here's hoping for a quick network fix!

  5. I honestly don't see what was wrong with the dress on you. From that pic you look great, but if it didn't feel right I can't blame you for not buying it.

  6. I love that CM dress and am actually waiting for the Navy version to go on sale lol...

  7. I'm always oddly relieved when something doesn't work out. But truly, the dress is flattering!

  8. Poo to technical difficulties - I hope they are resolved very soon. Also, I kind of the think the dress looks good on you!

  9. Well as we irish is say "it isnt the worst"
    As for being relieved when something expensive doesnt fit me, hmmm.
    Nope, Not worth the risk of going into the Dior or Chanel concessions in Brown Thomas tomorrow. I fear I would find myself doing a Winona when they did fit and look good.
    Instead I dawdle through the designer kids section on the way to Starbucks, and try on anything in a kids 14 that takes my fancy. They are 1/5th of the price of the grown ups version (tax free) and there is always the chance the arm holes wont fit. So either way I'm safe.

    There's a Pink Kenzo puffball dress with my name on it tomorrow...


  10. I totally understand you - I often visit a store to try on a gorgeous piece of clothing - just to recognize that I look awful wearing it :(.

  11. Actually I don't think the dress looks bad on you... but one has to feel it.
    So I understand you... sometimes it happens with me.

    Hope your internet connection will be fixed soon.


  12. computer problems always annoy me without fail... :) I'm sure you will have a nice and relaxing weekend without the blog reading. Need a break sometimes.

    As I said,, what we see on screen and magazines could well look utterly different on our body. I actually love it when that happens. That makes one less thing to covet and spend money on. :P

  13. E: As you will have observed by now, the router decided to give it one last kick at the can this weekend. Here's hoping it's decided to live on for a while longer. And yes, I do feel so relieved!

    Belette: Thank you - though I did end up being able to comment (whew). Was that the orange skirt. If yes, I know that it's all worked out :-)

    Thanks Wendy...

    Sal and Janet: You are so sweet - and on the same advice wavelength!

    Donna: I didn't see it in navy. Let me know if you get lucky!

    Miss C and Skye: Thank you. Apparently others feel more positive about this thing than I do. But if you saw it from all angles, I'm sure you would agree with me.

    Hammie: That is the BEST idea. I have a small friend who's all GAPped out for 50% less by going to GapKids.

    Nadine: But then you can make yourself something perfect. Which is where you have the advantage :-)

    Thanks Seeker.

    Songy: One less thing to spend money on has such a nice ring to it. It leaves more money for eating out :-)

  14. I like the zipper on the front

  15. Theresa: The zipper's what really got me. I love chunky hardware! You could probably still find this if you're keen to give it a try. Thanks for the comment. K