Friday, October 10, 2008

Next Time I Get Married I Wear This

The bain of my mother's life is that I didn't invite her to my wedding. And that's not because I don't love her, but because I couldn't bear the idea of being a bride and having a traditional ceremony the likes of which swirled with undertones of patriarchal hegemony in my nonconformist imagination. Natch, I eloped.

Just cuz, I've decided, when I've been married 20 years I'll have a wedding to which I'll invite all of the slighted parties. It will be very elegant. And I'll probably wear something stunningly understated like this:

Retro-Gorgeous Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour


  1. Excellent choice. Andrea really has the greatest taste in dresses, doesn't she?

  2. It is a beautiful dress. Best to buy it now. 20 years will go by fast and best to be prepared.;-)

    I did the whole big wedding thing ( 1 years ago) in retrospect I wish we hadn't. But, I have no regrets about who I married just how I did it.

  3. You give me more and more reasons to adore you. I like the idea of doing things on your own terms and then maybe doing a larger wedding later.

  4. Plus my parents have already made it quite clear, they have no money for a wedding and no intentions of paying for one. So I'm not really left with a whole lot of options, eh?

  5. darling!

    how perfectly stunning!

    seriously, who needs all the wedding nonsense in a dress like that?

    what does your hubby think?


  6. A rebel at heart! I did something similar and now hope that my two daughters will let me come to their weddings--small though they may be!

  7. Oh yes, Andrea's dress is awesome!!!


  8. And I am sure you will look stunning in it. Your Mister is a lucky fella.

  9. I surprised you weren't disinherited on the spot! What did you wear to your elopement?

  10. Me too, we eloped!! Going on 8 years now but that was mostly due to geographically restrictions!! haha Simple, but it is the wedding dress statement for the year.. I also love the 1960's wedding dresses, A-line..... Beautiful!!!! Man.. now I have to think about having kids...maubyeeeee

  11. That's absolutely perfect!

    Mr.OM and I eloped, too, though I blabbed it to the blogosphere!

    Sometimes I wish we'd had a proper wedding.

  12. Why wait for 20? Do it now and get the dress (now!).

  13. Aw, thank you! :) I am famous. Now I can hire an assistant and start attending really ridiculous themed parties where I will get very drunk and photographed wearing my underwear on my head.

    I really wanted to elope rather than have a wedding ... I'm glad LOML talked me into it, but I think if we do renew our vows in the future we will run away and pretend we're eloping. Will be fun!

  14. Ha! I will match you and raise you...
    I am emailing you a photo of a day in Camden Town Hall, 19 years and 51 weeks ago.
    But we kept it a secret (immigration wedding) and had a big bash in my Dad's backyard just over a year later. I wore off the rack Laura Ashley ballet length with PUFF sleeves. Skyelark will probably find it in a Goldcoast Op shop one of these days and turn it into a mini skirt.

    And 20 years feels like...20 Years.


    ps. The inlaws still don't know about Oct 19th 1988. And there was nothing to inherit anyway.

  15. That is a very modern and pretty dress!

    When is it going to be? I would like to do the same, another wedding because my two weddings (Korea and Australia) weren't enough. I was too young and I didn't enjoy. Now I know better, I know what I would like to wear etc.. greedy that I am.

  16. Sal: Indeed!

    Belette: Andrea said she'd lend it to me, so I'm set :-) Did you mean to write 1 year ago or another number (the spacing implies you might have meant to write 11?) I've been married 9 years, and you are right, the time goes by.

    E8: You know how I love to be adored!! I say, spend your hard-earned 20K on a down payment on a house. After the recession, I mean. Not that I dis weddings. Just I don't regret having redeployed my finances.

    Luvvy: Now didn't you ask the right question. He doesn't know of my plan :-) I only just came up with it...

    Miss C: Why doesn't this surprise me? And I find it intriguing that you feel differently about attending your own daughters' weddings. I haven't thought about that yet. I guess I should.

    Seeker: Isn't it!

    Dr. M: As always, you say just the right thing :-) Thank you.

    Matt: I was, practically. Good question... I wore a May-sky blue sleeveless shift with a matching double breasted jacket. It was 1999... (PS I still have it, though I haven't worn it in a few years). But I didn't buy it for the occasion so I wore it before, during and after. Talk about getting your money's worth. And it was on sale!

    Thanks Wendy.

    GJ: One little post and I find all the cool kids are eloping :-)
    That's a big consideration, kids... Good luck with that decision. PS: What part of Japan do you live in? My husband loves all things about Japan and follows outdoor webcams in Miyoshi, the Ginza and elsewhere. I didn't know that parts of Japan were always warm.

    Enc: Of course you had a proper wedding. Proper in it's Enc-like, post-punk nonconformism. Not everyone invites the 'sphere :-)

    Tessa: Oooh, impulsive! I'm just not ready for a wedding. Crazily. I need a few more years.

    Andrea: Thank you! Just make sure your underwear matches your bra :-) And definitely elope the next time. Everyone should try everything once.

    Hammie: That is a pic I cannot wait to see. And you know Skye is going to find that dress and lop off the sleeves :-) You are more badass all the time. Immigration weddings, keeping secrets from the inlaws. And you wonder why Bratty gives you a run for your money :-)

    Songy: 2019 is the year. Sounds kind of science fiction, non?? And let me tell you, we'll still party like it's 1999! You got two weddings. Wow. You must have been so glad after the honeymoon...