Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just A Little Something from Brasil!

Remember Sal's fabulous Shoe Swap? (I know, it was a while ago.) Well, I was fortunate to be partnered up with a delightful illustrator from Brazil, of all exotic locales! Now, in the interests of protecting her privacy, I won't disclose her name. (Update: Janaina says I can tell you who she is and how to find out more about her: But when she gets famous for her amazing work, I will have the signed sketch to show for it:

(I suppose it would be a good time to disclose that I've shot these photos myself - usually my husband does the artwork - so I apologize to everyone for their relative crappiness. They don't do these illustrations justice...)

Now, hold on, I am getting to shoes. First though, please view photo from a book illustrated by J (my illustrious swapee), which she also sent to me:

Of course it came with the most adorable card:

(Which reminds me of Snow White, for some reason.)

And, finalement, the reveal:

Are these not the cutest spring shoes for walking hither and yon? I cannot wait until the seasons switch around and I can style these with some spring/summer outfits!

Thanks, J, for all of your lovely gifts!


  1. Awww K you're the best! Thank's for the lovely post, i'm really glad you enjoyed my little gifts.
    But you can reveal my mysterious name
    for your amazing readers and they can visit me here (



  2. Wow, that is a box of delights straight out of a fairytale. Wish we could flip through the beautiful book from here. And, those shoes!! CUTE!! Enjoy all your treasures.:-)

  3. Lucky you! It looks like a wonderful swap package.

  4. Hurrah for happy swapping. And goodness, J is one talented girl! Glad she chimed in here with a link to her homepage - you guys really must check her out.

  5. This "J" has talent! How wonderful.

    I love those shoes, and can't wait to see what you do with them.

  6. Oh, so cute the shoes.
    And all the things in the package are so adorable!!!! It warms ones heart.
    You lucky girl! ;)


  7. J: I've updated the post so people will have access to your excellent work!

    Rebecca: I hope that J likes my package too!

    Monkey: I love how you're commenting on shoes. Seriously.

    Sal: Not sure if J has had a chance to send pics of my parcel to her. I do have some pics of the shoes which I can also send to you, if you would like.

    Belette: Thank you. I will certainly enjoy the treasures!

    E: They will be super fun in springtime, non?

    Wendy: They're so ladylike and fun at the same time.

    Seeker: You need these for the health of your back! (Doesn't hurt that they're cute...)

  8. OMG! i love the polkadot shoes! ur such a barbie :D

  9. i added ur link to mine. i just thought ur blog is cool. :) have a great sunday!

  10. Shit! You've just reminded me that I haven't sent my swap package...F**K!

  11. I can't wait to see you wearing those beauties. When is it going to be? Next May? argh.

  12. Jules: Why thank you! I need lighter hair, but the shoes do help :-) And thank you for linking to me. I love your food posts.

    Matt: Don't worry, you can do it this week! Who's your partner? I wanna be your partner too :-)

    Songy: Alas, next May is pretty accurate. Sucks for all of us.