Friday, October 24, 2008

T Cubed

So, you'll recall this post: homage to my insecurities. Ode to the status anxiety that (occasionally) riles me up.

Well, gots to say peeps (cuz I know I've said it before): Fuck status anxiety. Enough of the why aren't I a Rhodes scholar with a chalet in Klosters and an Emmy? Maybe because my heretofore efforts at fame and fortune have been, um, slightly unfocused? Maybe it's just not my path?

I've decided instead, to tell you all 10 Terrific Things (Triple T) about me. Note to Miss Perkin, my former headmistress: This is how I've amounted to something, in no particular order.
  1. I own a home in downtown Toronto. And it's nice.
  2. I'm a true communicator - life and career skill par excellence. And I love and value - with indescribable fervor - the interchange of ideas and negotiation of agreement this skill supports.
  3. My style reflects my eclectic micro-creativity (with which I am thrilled to tell you I am entirely satisfied). It also appeals to others.
  4. I've managed to coparent a human being to the age of 8 (so far) without completely going insane. And I've done it with relatively little external support - though with the collaboration of a very engaged spouse.
  5. I live by my principles in a sustainable way.
  6. I am healthy and I work consciously - with discipline - to stay that way.
  7. I am resilient and I frequently solve problems with uncanny spontenaity.
  8. Which is why plan a fine event - media or otherwise.
  9. I generally get what I want. Because I ask directly. But respectfully.
  10. I am super fucking smart.

Oh, and bonus point, I'm modest. Did I mention that? :-)

So Dolls. I would love to know about your Triple T (and that can be two or three or 10 - depending on how much comment space you feel like taking). I say, live large. You may save the world yet. And I am all ears.


  1. I'm glad to see this list you made for yourself, K. Being a parent amounts to about one hundred more entries on that list, I'd venture.


  2. It's good to be super fucking smart.

  3. Tell us something we didn't know. We already knew you were a smart, gorgeous gal.

  4. Holy macaroni!! I love you and this list.Yes,yes, yes! Take this list to the printers have it made into laminated cards and hand this list out at your high school reunion. You are awesome. :-D

    Tres terrific things about me:
    1. I have fantastic bloggy friends.
    2. Lovely bloggy friend( K.line) gave me a lovely blog award.
    3. I am super fucking smart,too.;-)

  5. I'm with point 10 - I think that will be my new complete CV!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad to see your Triple T List, and I agree with LBR do some cards ;)

    Hmmm... this isn't probably the better day to make my list... my mood is down... or maybe it is to lift me up.

    Sure, #10 absolutely!!!!!
    I'm very f%#&ing smart
    And I've also amazing and smart blogging friends
    And I think you're one of them.

    Take care dear


  7. Yessss! Way to acknowledge your own awesomeness, K.

  8. Being smart and modest are good. If conversation ever veers into that annoying one-up-womanship, just ask an esoteric question about Icelandic cinema or the like.

  9. You are indeed super fucking smart! I love your list. You are O for Orsum (as they say here), and those are ten very terrific things that you should be proud of. Much better than being a rock star.

    Today is not a good day for me to list ten things, as am feeling very embarrassed and nauseous after drinking way too much last night (for me half a bottle of wine is way too much, I'm a lightweight), but I loved reading yours!

    Oh, I know, I'll lay claim to #10 too, along with your other lovely commenters. Yay :D

  10. great list! I need some time to recall my super Ts.

  11. Great list which most of us could have written for you, but for the point about planning things. Intrigueing. But not surprising. As a new re-entrant to the work force I have deep admiration for those of you balancing the two or three lives it involves.
    I keep having the dream where you go out without your skirt on and hope no one will notice your giant tummy concealing pants. wonder what that means? (ahem)

    And keeping a human alive and thriving for 8 years is super terrific. Whether they are still speaking to you in their adult years is the real prize. (see Sr Wolfs next campaign) I think you are well on the way to that one K.
    And your little missy can be super proud of her Mammy too.

  12. Yay! I love this K. Do you see me smiling big?

    1. I got to where I'm without anyone's direct help (mentally or financially)

    2. I speak English fluently without having spent fortune on taking English classes. Only classes I took were for IELTS prep.

    3. I look good without spending fortune on outfits.

    4. I'm smarter than the most people I work with.

    5. I'm really good at helping people.

    6. I'm artistic.

    7. I have good idea for details

    I'll stop here now and think about my own post on this issue soon. :)

  13. Oh crap! I was supposed to CONTRIBUTE here, wasn't I? OK let's see:

    1. I have finally accepted myself as a pretty lady.

    2. I have healed my relationship with my awesome parents after some rough times.

    3. I have learned to abandon things that harm me (bad jobs, relationships, etc.) without hesitation or regret.

  14. What a great list. I take a lot of pride in my stubborness...

  15. E: I like to agree with you, though so many other people do so much more parenting and don't ever complain :-)

    WendyB: I know you can relate!!

    Dr. Monkey: Thank you. I LOVE your new house, btw.

    Belette: Hilarious. I need a wallet card - exactly! And of course, I love your list.

    MDS (formerly MDM): Seriously, it's like a life resume.

    Seeker: Love your list. And I hope the yoga is helping...

    Sal: Excellent contribution. Point 2 is so worthy.

    Miss C: As no one else will know about Icelandic cinema, I can be free to pretend I know something about it :-)

    Andrea: So hope you're feeling better today! And all my blogger friends get a free pass for no. 10 automatically (or amatically as my daughter says).

    F: I'm waiting to hear.

    Hammie: The adult talking really is the test, isn't it :-) And thank you so much for your lovely comment. It means so much. You are going to be fantastic as a "working outside the home" - as well as inside the home - mum.

    Songy: I love your list. I agree with all of them! And I'd love for you to expand on this in your own blog post.

    Jen: This comment means a lot, cuz I know you know how hard it is to pull that off :-) I'm sure you too will own a home in TO very soon. Come to my neighbourhood and we can hang!

    Rebecca: Why doesn't it surprise me that you are stubborn :-)

  16. I do think that there should be some sort of standardized international code for the SFS - Super Fucking Smart. That way rather than having to assume that everyone else is a complete dumbass, we could be pleasantly surprised when walking down the street and run into another SFS individual.Maybe a secret handshake, so when you meet people at parties you instantly know whether it is worth engaging them in conversation or whether you'll be subjected to an hours diatribe about their Nana's bunions.

  17. SKM: You get the SFS designation AND SFG (super fucking glamorous)!! That's an hilarious idea - I love it.