Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vintage Version

You know these posts, which showed us these fantastic Neimen Marcus babies?

Well here's the 1960's version I found at 69 Vintage:

Yes, this is the most pedestrian (hahaha, get it?) shot of my legs I think I've ever taken. But it was impromptu with the cell phone and weird mirror. Nonetheless, does it not prove the point that everything old is new again?

FYI: I did not buy these (though they did look fine, photo notwithstanding). They wanted $120.00 for a pair of boots that should have been slightly less worn in the toes for that kind o' bucks. And they were not super comf. Not to mention, if you need to be anywhere quickly, these are not your throw-ons.

But they were a fun find.


  1. Whew. $120 is a lot ... but those are pretty amazing boots, lady. Always a conundrum with vintage, isn't it? I don't know about you, but when a vintage piece is THAT expensive, I think, "OK, I must be missing some key information about the value of this item." And it irks me.

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  3. That would have been quite a buy if they were comfortable -- but shoes need to be comfortable!

  4. Let me try that again: I can imagine that you could come up with some great outfits to go with those boots.

    I think they look cute on you! But, $120 is kind of steep for worn and uncomfortable.

  5. I had a pair exactly the same as those except in shiny brown python skin - but only in the early 90s, not actually back in the day!

    They were such a hassle to do up!

  6. Yeah!!! That's why I'm a keeper... I keep things because they can be "in" one day... lol But not for enough time though lol

    Great find K!!!
    But you did it right, too much money for something uncomfortable, but if they would be comfortable you would make a great buy with lots of possibilities.


  7. Wait for the credit crunch to reduce the Neiman Marcus ones; and buy two pairs (mine in a 39 please)

  8. Those are SWEET!

    But I'm glad you didn't part with your precious quiddo for them, if they weren't perfect. Good girl.

    Hot gams, dear.

  9. I went to Gadabout Vintage today. Actually they were closing, but the lady let my friend and I take a browse. I think I died and went to vintage heaven. Have you been there before? I cannot wait for the Absolutely Vintage Sale!

  10. Wow, what amazing boots - $120 is a pretty penny though and for them not to be comfy its not worth the money. But now you have pictures and can reminisce fondly :)

  11. I love the top boots....if I could afford one expesive pair of boots it would probably be them ones....and congrats on all your awards....WOW!!!.....all very well deserved....and thanks for your lovely words about me:)

  12. so they didn't have zippers on the side then. :) if it's not comfy then they are out!

    I'm okay with used shoes so I'd hit ebay for something like that.

  13. What got me, Sal, was that the SA couldn't tell me anything about them. Not era, not pedigree, not how she came by them. So there was a lot of missing info for that price.

    Wendy: I concur.

    Belette: They would have been versatile, that's for sure, and they weren't insanely uncomfortable, but for 120 they had to be exceptional!

    Skye: Hassle maybe. But they sound fantastic!

    Seeker: Now that I have a kid, I feel I need to be more of a keeper. So she has a closet to find "vintage" in when she's a teenager :-)

    E: Merci, as always. I'm finding it easier and easier to walk away...

    Y: I've heard about this place but I don't know where it is / never been there. Maybe we need to make a pilgrimage :-)

    Mattie: Me too.

    Paper Doll: I'm pretty proud of myself that I remembered to take a pic!

    B: Thank you and your welcome! I know, I LOVE the Neiman Marcus boots. Love!

    Songy: Very good suggestion.

    Hammie: Didn't you leave a comment too? If I buy 2 pair of these, I promise to send you one. Not that you're aching for good shoes!

  14. Wow I love the first pair of boots!

  15. They're actually part of the vintage sale on Saturday, but the store is also close by. It's close to where I am (15 min walk?), but I never walk east! Just west! Which is why I've missed it all these years.

  16. Saturday the 25th, that is.

  17. Thanks Nadine!

    See, Y, you are a west-end girl :-) I'm looking forward to seeing all the things at that sale. BTW, email may not work this weekend so let's connect next week re: sale.