Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of Those Things

I went out at lunch the other day with a workmate, ostensibly so that she could pick up a new pair of buttery grey long gloves from Rudsak. Said gloves have a gorgeous fold-down mechanism with a kind of cuff-link clasp. (Can't find a pic, sorry.) Regrettably, the sizing wasn't right.

This was one occasion on which I had no intention of buying. I actually left my wallet behind (it being in such shabby shape) but brought along the Visa. Why, I couldn't say. But it was a fortuitous act, natch, because I found this lone, lovely chestnut brown wallet, formerly $100.00, on sale for $39.00.

And I think I just told you my current wallet is a tip.

If there had been another I would have bought both as a perfect Xmas giftie for one of my friends or my mum. Arguably, I should hold onto it for the coming present-exchange. Arguably, I shouldn't show photos of things I'm considering giving away. Thing is there's no arguing with me.


  1. Great buy!! I think a lovely wallet is so important. A luxe wallet is not dissimilar to lovely lingerie---both are more private and not as visible but both can add to ones sense of valuing self. To me they both send a message to myself that not everything I do is for others. I am important enough to have beautiful things that others may never see. Does that make any sense?

  2. You are too funny! Would be a great gift, even if you did just "preview" it!


    P.S. My sis and I totally appreciated your sweeet remark on our picture :)

  3. Wow, that's beautiful. I can see why you went for it. Hoard it for yourself!

  4. Very pretty. I love a good strong wallet--one that can be carried around on its own. Is that a spotted foulard it's nesting in?

  5. That's indeed a great wallet how great you found it on sale, good buying.
    LOL you're a funny writer, I always at least smile with your posts, which is sooooooo good.

    Oh I saw my post had a mistake instead of "I could stay with them..." I should have written "I couldn't..." that's why my worry about what to wear tomorrow.

    I go for work driving, it's not too far, maybe 20 minutes walking fast, but the city has many ups and downs, so when we walk we have to climb... and I live in a up :)

    I started to do some easy exercises, I feel ok, so I hope I'm not doing mistakes.
    Oh I sooooooo wish I could be near you to guide me!!!!
    Thank you!!!


  6. You sure know where to find them..It's great being out and about with no intentions to buy, then BAM, you are hit with "this deal is too good to pass up"! What a great find!!! My RSS feed seem to only work when they want and I missed two of your posts.. I am so sorry AGAIN.

  7. What a great score!

  8. My wallet is at least as skanky as yours, I'm afraid. in fact, I think we might have the same (old) wallet. this one is gorgeous...keep it!


  9. Belette: Makes perfect sense and I agree completely!

    CC: You two are gorgeous! And I guess you're right about the preview.

    E: You know me so well.

    MDS: I love it so much I want everyone to experience it. Including me :-)

    Miss C: If by foulard you mean the big H kind, alas no. But it's a Bill Blass.

    Seeker: I guess climbing in heels would be crazy! But good exercise living on a mountain.

    GJ: I have that happen occasionally and it's really frustrating. FYI, I generally post 6 days a week - though there are exceptions. Sat. is often my day off.

    Thanks Y!

    Sandra: You see, you were the person who wasn't supposed to look at this. I'm gonna see if I can find us both one.

  10. SO PRETTY. Keep it. More gifties will reveal themselves in the coming weeks!

  11. Gorgeous - definitely keep it - I always judge a person by their wallet - as they think it's a private thing - so therefore a shabby old wallet says something about what's going on inside them, whatever the exterior.

  12. That's a great one. It's a keeper. I can't give away something like that!

  13. OK, Sal and Imogen - I actually commented on your comments yesterday - weird that they aren't there. In short, Sal: You sound like Santa :-) and Imogen: I totally agree with your take on things.

    Songy: Wait for my coming up post that resolves this matter!!