Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vaguely Freaking Out

My 20th high school reunion is coming up. As in 2-0.

I'm sorry, but this is whack. I had intended to be running the world by now. And to have been a multi-millionaire. And a published author. And world-traveller. And 3 time Oscar winner.

And rock star.


  1. Every one of the people you went to school with thought all the same things. You'll all get there and admit you're all great, regular people.

    It's going to be okay.

  2. Yeah, that is one of many reasons I did not go to mine. However the other reasons were larger than my shame of not being all that I dreamed I would be 20 years later.

    ENC is right and I am sure that if you decide to go you will have a great time---and that your classmates will be appropriately in awe of you.xo

  3. Eeek--I live too far away for my reunions (and happily so). Is yours your Scottish school reunion?

  4. I avoided my 20th this year, but not out of any sense of shortcoming, just lack of interest. I really haven't kept up with high school friends. You've probably accomplished as much or more than most of your classmates, so don't worry about it!

  5. I know, right? Where's that Great American Novel I'd planned to pen?

    Let me third enc's words of wisdom: You are awesome for dreaming big, and you should continue to do so. Your classmates, no doubt, did the same thing and are equally stunned at their lack of mansions, fame, and world-altering achievements. And yet, are you happy? Because that is the greatest and most important achievement in life. And I'd wager plenty of Oscar-winners, multi-millionaires, and published authors aren't happy.

  6. Ah you know what lie - make it all up and have fun who cares what anyone thinks - just allude darkly to being a prostitute or something that will shock - it'll be interesting if nothing else!

    BTW I went to TLK in Missassuga for 3 months as we were living there - no one ever inivted me back!

  7. Even if you aren't one, with your wardrobe (and legs) you can dress like one! I think you should go!

  8. You're so much better than all your wishes before :) Who can bet a mommy? It's the best "job" in the world.

  9. WHAT, you're not a rock star??

    Just remember how cool you are, or rent "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" to get you in the right mood!

  10. Just tell them you invented Post-Its. If you don't know what I mean by that, you need to rent "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow. And yes, I solve all my problems by watching the appropriate movie.

  11. just wanted to say a little thank you for the comment you left the other day :)

    and dont worry everyones gona be the same at the reunion, plus it'll be interesting to see how everyone has turned out!

  12. Have a great time.

    Let's put it this way.. how many of those who went to school with you would have so many international blogging friends! That counts for something, I think.

  13. Actually, I would love to go to my reunion. (I can't tho as it will be in Seoul).. only reason.. I will get to meet so many famous people. I'm telling you I'm really freaking nobody compared to those who went to school with. Wife of a famous movie director, famous dancers, painters, musicians, designers all happening.

    I'm still going to be fine..and you will be too. :)

  14. "Fortunatly" we don't do those meetings.

    But I know you've read my "pro-woman" post (as you called it), so think about what I said there.

    And like enc said you'll be there, knowing that you did your best and that you're still doing it so you can do many things yet.

    This also shall pass.
    Take care dear.


  15. Hey All: Thanks so much (as always) for your loving comments. Of course, I'm working on spinning my own life as well as I've (perhaps imaginarily) spun the classmates'...

    However, brief explanation of the sit: This is the reunion at my graduating high school, small girls-only private school in TO. The grad class had less than 30 women (27 I think). One has worked with Noam Chomsky. One saves babies from near certain death. Several are rich as can be. One is a practicing lawyer (helping disadvantage peeps) who's also getting her PhD in Theatre. Some are living in very exotic locales.

    I'm not suggesting that I suck - Lord knows, I love me! - but it's a tough crowd to impress is all I'm saying. Pls. stay tuned for another post peripherally on this topic.

  16. E: We are all great, if not all regular :-) THank you for this comment.

    Belette: I'm working on being there and enjoying the moment rather than focusing on status anxiety. I will go and I'll let you know how it goes.

    Miss C: Not the British (Somerset, England) high school. I went there for 2 years but before, and after, I went to the TO school.

    Janet: I still know many of them so it would be crazy not to go. I mean, I had dinner with one last week.

    Sal: I am happy (or approaching happy) and I'm working on being satisfied with that which I have. Very good comment, thanks.

    MDM: You are hilarious! I would totally do that if I didn't know them all (re: really small school). And very interesting that you went to school in Miss. So you know my town...

    Jill: Damn straight :-) Thank you. I am going in a really short skirt!

    F: So sweet. Sometimes being a mum doesn't seem like the best job :-) But you are right that it is very challenging and rewarding.

    Sister: I will rent it this weekend. I've seen it but I was too drunk to remember it :-) And, re: rock star. It's going on my new business card.

    Tessa: You and Sister Wolf are on the same page!

    Elisabeth: I hope you are doing well. Of course, you are spot on. It will be interesting to see how everyone is looking / doing.

    Songy: I couldn't agree more. I love having such an international community of erudite, stylish writers and readers. That is priceless. And good conversation too.

    Oh, and if you read my other comment, you'll note that I too have gone to school with some super achievers. It's kind of challenging, yes?

    Seeker: You are the most philosophical blogger ever. And I loved that pro-woman post.

  17. No one could find me for my 20th. But the Friends Reunited page my GBF set up to organise it was still there months later so I had the reunion that mattered afterall. And found not only ImeldaMike, but ImeldaMatt and all of you lovlies of the blogworld!!

    (and ImeldaMike filled me in on all the gossip including the school hottie who still remembered our one kiss, swoon)

    And K, I will be quite straight with you; you have done what so many of those women and some men at your reunion will have wished. Bought and created a stable home for a gorgeous child and have a super job that you excel at.

    The moviestars,the millionaires, the professors, (now your reunion sounds like Gilligan's island)
    they will be very envious of that I can assure you. And the best revenge is living well, which you do.

    (and when you get back tell us who came out, who has let themselves go, and who is already a grandmother!!)

  18. Mattie: That's a popular one. Who knows if someone else will try using it also :-)

    Hammie: I love that your reunion reconnected you with Imelda Mike and IM! And this comment is so generous and positive, H. You've got me believing I'm the best thing ever! THank you. You'll be the first to know who's a granny :-)