Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Didn't Say it was Gonna Snow...

Last week, having been advised by the weather idiots it would be "increasingly chilly", "maybe 10 degrees Celsius midday", I wore a light coat suitable for that temp. Instead it snowed. OK, it was rainy icy snow, but seriously, it was mid-October!

So the next day, on being apprised it would be "a bit warmer" and how shocking that it snowed when we predicted it would be merely cold, I wore a proper winter coat.

And boy was I glad.

This one is early Soia & Kyo - a great brand from Montreal (the higher end line is called Mackage). This was one of their first or second season offerings. I got it very affordably because I found it the following year languishing alone on a sale rack at a chichi store off St. Laurent. I couldn't get that "in every photo shoot in every magazine" Balenciaga white bell coat out of my mind and when my husband saw this one he said "Hey, isn't that like that coat you keep saying you want that costs a zillion dollars?" And, in it's own way, when you see it photographed from a different angle than either of those shown above, it sort of does.

The complete impracticality of the colour is offset by the pragmatism of the toggle-esque snap closure and the fact that the collar can be worn 3 ways - cowl/turtleneck (for extreme cold), totally open or somewhere between the two. And those Mtlers know a thing or two about staying warm in miserable temps.

It is optimal for about minus 8 C to plus 5 C (I think that's 17 - 40 degrees). It's an early winter option.


  1. I have never had the courage to do a white coat. As close as I have ever got is a camel coat. I was afraid I would have to get it dry cleaned every week. But, I love your coat and how it looks with black. Great find!!

  2. Oh it is gorgeous I love a white winter coat. I had one after having the petit garcon but it was too big after I lost my pregnancy weight.
    I want one again!

  3. ah the looking-good vs the weather. classic motive. I hear uuu! anyway, I am underdressed most of the time, in the sense that I freeze most of the time. but hey, I think my immune system got used to it by now and I am perfectly fine. only I am freezing..... u DO look good, though, missus!

  4. It's a beat, all right. Well chosen. We had snow all day Sunday, and MAN was I cranky. But it'll be 60 tomorrow. Oh for weird.

  5. When I was at school a blonde girl used to sit in front of me in my Spanish class all the time. I imagined she was very wealthy because she wore a white cashmere winter coat and I figured only the very rich can do such a thing!

  6. That is a lovely coat - my mind is fair boggling though at the temperatures it's suitable in, which are about a million degrees colder than the coldest day we ever have here! I was born in Toronto though, on a day which was 42 degrees below - so I shouldn't be so surprised!

  7. I love white winter!!!
    You look stuning.


  8. Belette: You know, once you do camel you might as well do white. It's really no more upkeep. Promise.

    MDS - You must get another. Everyone stares at the crazy fashion girls (the only ones nutty enough to wear white with young children!)

    Thanks Monkey!

    Kitten: I used to freeze too. Till I got too old for it :-) Now I look slightly less cute but my neck is warm!

    Sal: That's what gets me. You get all freezing then it thaws and so it goes for a month. Apparently, though, winter's gonna hit in November and last a long time. Lotsa snow predicted too...

    WendyB: Intriguing. Did she also have diamonds? :-) You only need to be rich enough to afford the semi-regular dry-cleaning. Which does add up after a while!

    Skye: So great to hear from you. Hope the move is going well. A winter baby (or a summer baby in your part of the world). Let me guess - March?

    Seeker: Thank you!

  9. Gosh, that's . . . exquisite on you, K. I don't think I've ever seen you look more superbly sophisticated. I just love it.

  10. Very pretty winter coat. What colors do you accessorize with (scarf, hat)?

  11. Ah, THE coat! It is gorgeous! I love Mackage...didn't realize Soia & Kyo was the sister line. I'm off to peruse their websites.

  12. I love it. And it is perfect for the darker days and early nights. Sure I would say it should be tax deductible as it is easy to be seen by motorists and helps stave off seasonal affected disorder too.
    And boy does it suit you too!
    (not a hope in heaven that I could imagine wearing it, would have permanent chocolate/vegemite stain in the middle back that everyone could see except me and feel sorry for me and think I was two snags short of a barbie)

  13. So it's really getting cold there now. They very handsome coats.

  14. E: Thank you! I love superbly sophisticated.

    Miss C: It goes so well with many things but I particularly like it with a mink pillbox hat and my silk leopard print scarf.

    Y: Thanks - check it out. But the price point of Mackage is a little steep.

    Hammie: You are so right! I'm actually doing a public service by wearing this :-) And I hear you about the kid goo. When M was younger, I didn't wear it when she was around.

    Songy: It really is. Was sooooper freezing today. Wait till you see my whole collection!

  15. Me neither, I never had the chutzpa to wear white, white anything, I seem to lean toward black (possibly hiding those flaws)..

    You however, Mrs. pulls it over with style and grace. I like seeing whites and pink in winter. You look absolutely fabulous.

  16. GJ: White is better than you'd imagine at hiding those (imaginary) flaws. People are so impressed you're chancing it, they don't pay attention to the details :-)

  17. Every year I want a new coat. Every year. Never fails. This year I solved the problem by deciding the only coat I want, is one which I will never be able to afford (a Jil Sander). Problem solved!

  18. Beautiful coat, makes me miss winter...even though it's been fairly cold here up until yesterday when we had our hottest day of the year. I just can't keep up, the weather has been so bizarre!

  19. E8: Very sensible. But I'm sure one day you will be able to afford that coat. When you are a famous TV producer, perhaps.

    Thanks Ms. U. Weather has been bizarre everywhere, I think!