Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet Another Thing I Love...

Though I have the, ahem, glowiest visage thanks to my sebaceous glands, that doesn't mean I'm immune to "It's minus 5 and my legs are so itchy tight I'm going to rip them off" syndrome.

Enter my winter stand by:
The Weleda (pron. Wel-eh-da) brand has the benefit of being widely available online and in health food stores / pharmacies around the world. This fantastic rose body oil is entirely natural and sustainably produced from plants grown organically by partners whom the corporation respects. It absorbs relatively easily (but put it on slightly wet skin to enhance this). It even removes press-on tattoos in a jiffy (don't go there, I meant the kid's) without hurting or drying out the skin! And it's Swiss. Need I say more?

Now it's not cheap, given how much I use, but what price soft skin? And I really do believe it's staving off wrinkles and sag, especially on the thin-skinned chest meets neck area. (Mind you, I'm the girl who spends 60 bucks on an ounce on sunblock so use your best judgement...) 3.4 ounces will set you back $29.00 CDN. That lasts about a month.

Just realized that I really have been all "go buy this" with the beauty products lately. Hmmm, could this be recession-inspired? A little bit of luxury in a haywire economy? Or maybe I'm just acting French.


  1. I think Weleda products are great. And I also think you can self-indulge you and think of your soft skin ;)


  2. I have the Weleda cream in the green tube that I sue on my face when it is really dry. Hmm, I don't know the name. But, my body skin is sooo dry. My usual cremes are failing me. Next time I go to Whole Foods I am picking up some Rose Body Oil. Thanks, K.line, for the tip!!!

  3. Can't stop caring for your bod just because the economy is a mess!

  4. Skin products like these sound essential – it's important to buy these necessary things! :)

  5. I bet this would help me. I've been feeling dry and crackly for weeks.

  6. I say Sal is absolutely right. Now I need something like that. My oily skin becomes itchy when weather is warm and it's only itchy when I'm in bed. Who knows why.

  7. Seeker: I see I'm preaching to the converted. Email from me will be coming shortly, fyi.

    Belette: I know that cream. It has kind of a lemony scent. My friend got it and it didn't work for her so she gave it to me. Way too rich for anything other than my scratchy hands.

    Sal: I thought of you when I posted this because I know we're both Northern girls.

    Esme: I agree!

    E: Try it and tell me what you think. The scent is so gorgeous.

    Songy: I know that feeling. It's creepy, actually!

  8. MDM: Isn't it? I love it in Lavender, too.

  9. Wow! thank you. I think I have seen that product here and I love Rose Oil. I have to go to LDN regularly to get the Neals Yard rose balm which is very pricey (but cheaper than Eve Lom)
    And am I right in thinking that a little on wet skin would go a long way?

  10. H: It really goes a long way on wet skin. I love the Neal's Yard stuff but this is very good too - and less $$$. Packaging is not as gorgeous, but it's not bad. Let me know what you think when you try it.