Saturday, March 1, 2008

Instant Outfit aka The Dress

In my post about basics last week, I neglected to mention the relative importance of dresses. It seems, when the winter weather is hideous, it's challenging to remember what one wears ad nauseum during the other 3 seasons.

I'm sure I don't have to up-sell you on why the dress is a perfect wardrobe staple: the clean lines, numerous elegant (or edgy or toned down) silhouettes to choose from, one-stop shopping with last-frontier appeal in that it can't easily be "androgynized". How retro-throwback was that last comment!? No doubt, in 5 minutes, guys are going to start wearing microfibre gowns and this post will serve as a quaint reminder of outmoded fashion conventions :-) (I'm taking bets the look comes from Gaultier...)

So here are a couple of pics of that new vintage Sasson dress I picked up at I Miss You. You may recall it's not my usual colour palette or shape, but I'm broadening my horizons. A propos of that, I don't really have any shoes that fit the bill. The ones I'm wearing here are simply a (duller than dishwater) placeholder. If anyone has any good ideas - I'd love to edgy it up or prim it down, if you know what I mean - please let me know.

PS More outfit posts on dresses to follow. And I've had a fascinating few days on the shopping front (I'm on vacation this week) with some purchase fever stories and pics on the way. Living vicariously through someone else's excessive spending has never been easier!


  1. Hey! I just notices you posted a comment on my blog asking me about my bag. It's from Forever 21 :)
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Your blog is way cute. I'm linking it!

  2. That dress is one of my favorite colors (I only wear black, navy, taupe, olive.) I would wear that with boots, but I appreciate that this is seasonally limited. The texture of the fabric calls for something sturdy--I hate to suggest this since someone will come along and smack me upside the head with the UNCHIC book, but...


    (of which I have 30 pairs, most with platforms, four-inch wedges/heels and exciting details.)

  3. Neekoh thanks so much for the link and the info about the bag. Your blog is adorable too!

    Suzanna: I'm a girl who can get with the sturdy shoes (I've even owned Birkenstocks and Birkenstock ripoffs). Clogs, actually, could be very cute. Let me mull this over (as I am not fortunate enough to own even one, much less 30, pair. K

  4. This is a nice dress for you. I'm thinking red shoes, since you've got red on the sleeves of that.

  5. Thanks Enc. I've seen so many people wear red shoes who look so chic. I'm concerned that my size 8.5 foot may look really huge though. (I'll just have to search for the perfect one, I guess!)

  6. Love the outfit.

    And thanks for the tips about Orlando. :) I really appreciate it.

  7. 8.5! Don't give it a second thought. This is my size too, and I've never felt self-conscious about wearing my red Camper boots.

    You might also consider a chunky pair of brown/olive heels, with thick, criss-cross straps . . .

  8. Thanks Luna: I hope your time in Orlando is fun.

    Miss C: I love Camper! OK, I'm going to look for a vintage pair of shoes in an olive tone. I'm not so big on the chunky-strappy in general. But I'm willing to give it a try because it's all about discovering new ways of wearing things. Also, glad to know that red in 8.5 doesn't look crazy.

  9. Say, I have size 9 feet, and I have a pair of red flats. FLATS. I don't care if I have Nimitz-class feet, I wear red flats anyway. It wouldn't even have to be flats, anyway. Why not boots? Have you any red boots? Or what about Suzanna's suggestion of clogs? Red clogs?

    Why don't I just tell you how to dress?

  10. Enc: I've been so behind the times with red. I guess (here's the admission) I'm just a bit intimidated by its in-your-faceness. But I'm going to overcome this defect of character. I swear. K

  11. Hang on, YOU are intimidated by RED's in-your-faced-ness? YOU, the girl with the brilliant glasses and the hugely confident hair?

    Haw haw, what else you got?

  12. SM - I CAN'T believe you have 30 pairs of clogs!!! I love dresses, seriously, they are all that, you just throw them on and GO. Oh and enc, i've never perfected the art of wearing red shoes.