Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dress-Off (Somehow this doesn't quite make the point...)

I know, I know, at this point I've given the cute little vintage dress far too much attention. In the words of my husband and photographer: I am so sick of this thing. Really.

I suppose, since it's out of my comfort zone, it's more intriguing to me than a stock basic. And, bien sur, it's given me so much enjoyment on the styling front, motivating the purchase of shoes and new ways of looking at the contradictions (hard/soft, prim/strong, old/new) in fashion.

So here are two looks for your review:

Dress: Sasson, vintage, Shoes: 9West

Dress Sasson, vintage, Shoes: Next, from Winners

Neither is a terribly flattering photo, but I personally feel that the gladiator is a) too flat and b) not quite as cherry red as it needs to be to suit the very bright red dress accent. So I'm voting for the prim shoe.

Now, the question remains, do I return the Gladiator? It's insanely comfortable, and it looks much more expensive than it was ($115.00). My friend Jennifer, who was with me when I bought them (and who's as iffy on the whole gladiator look as I am), decided that she too thinks they're a chic and wearable look.

Maybe I should ask: If you were going to return one pair of the 5 new shoes I've purchased this spring, which would it be and why?

Now, I promise, onto other looks...


  1. I vote wear the cherry red prims with the dress, keep the gladiators for other use, and finally, I'd buy the gladiators.

    You look great, and I'm really happy you're so into that dress!

  2. I love the will work with a lot of other things, just not that particular dress.

  3. May I be so brash as to offer one more shoe? If you're thinking about more Nine West, you might take a peek at the Zanja
    in the lighter brown. (I tried to provide a link here but just made a big mess. Just go to, then to sandals, then scroll down to Zanja.)

    I'm thinking that a certain shade of brown (Zanja!) might be a terrific complement.

    But DO, DO keep the glads. They'll be fab with shorts (maybe they'll be a reason for wearing some?) or your terrific miniskirts!

  4. i am quite fond of that olive color...

    and i agree with wendyb, the gladiator is versatile.

  5. I agree with all the other comments, keep the gladiators, they are really nice shoes and you can wear them with so many other outfits other than this particular dress. The dress is really fantastic and looks so good on you, I can see why you love it.
    PS Thanks a million for all the closet organisation links.

  6. Yep, I agree too! The second pair of shoes really work with that dress, but you must keep the gladiators!

  7. Enc: I'm glad you agree. Thanks for the positive comment about me in the dress. You know how it can be intimidating to go out of one's comfort zone - so I really appreciate the compliment. Of course, I'm going to keep the gladiator. How could I do otherwise when it is the prevailing opinion?!

    Wendy and Miss W: I agree. I'm keeping 'em.

    Miss C: I love the zanja! That show would be great with the dress, I'm sure of it. THing is, I so have to stop with the Visa for a couple of weeks. I hope it will be there when I get the spending bug (and paid) again!

    Riz: Thanks!

    Bronwyn: You are so welcome. I love the links provided by Kitten. They are great, non?