Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Are you one of those people who can't wait to put on your cutoffs when the temp hits 75 degrees (F)? Or do you run screaming at the thought of any human being actually observing the back middle third of your thighs? I've always eschewed shorts if favour of the more wearable (IMO) short skirt. My years ago foray into the world of shorts always seemed to result in - extremely unattractive - rideup or the equally unattractive "mom look". Hello, I am somebody's mother. I don't need to look it.

But, while surfing The Glam Guide recently, I saw a few options that are so adorable, I'm actually thinking of giving it another go:

Marc Jacobs


Rich & Skinny

If only the average price weren't $175.00 a pair, I'd be right on it. Can't wait for Club Monaco to interpret these...


  1. With legs like yours, you'll look brilliant. And everyone will be doing shorts soon, for $35 or similar, so if you bide your time, you'll find something great.

  2. Although I just posted on a winter scarf today, I'm mad for shorts. Growing up on a PEI beach, it's my favorite way of summer dressing (although I do appreciate a simple sundress too).

    I like to buy very simple shorts shapes from J Crew and wear them with a cross-over cotton lawn sleeveless short from Boden (patterns/colors were better last year, I think). This look works well with some sort of strappy (but not too delicate) high-ish sandal. Enough qualifiers there?

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE shorts! i love them so much that i even wear them in winter!!! shorts and wool stockings, my everyday look ^_+

  4. The jeanshorts in the middle are amazing! I dislike wearing shorts, but maybe it is the cut I have worn in the past. Perhaps the high waist will keep them from riding up like hip-huggers do.

    Your blog is very fun! I like your style.

  5. Shorts have really improved in the last few years. I used to hate them but there are lots of nice options now!

  6. As we have recently been discussing sales check out as they have a cacharel pair in the sale for £27 High waisted.

  7. I've quietly come to the conclusion over the years that I cannot wear shorts. The only way they look flattering on me is unless I wear heeels with them, and I refuse to do so! Please enlighten me. I think I am where Wendyb was a while back =)

  8. Those are nice, I love the styles with turn-ups. I like wearing shorts in theory, but somehow I hardly ever get around to wearing them unless I'm on holiday by the coast.

  9. I really like the Theory ones. I like high waisted shorts, I'm tempted to give them a go too!

  10. Enc: You are so sweet to me. I'm going to wait for the 35 dollar deal (for sure).

    Miss C: Way to work the coastal preppy thing. Like Bronwyn, I'm imagining myself on the coast in the shorts with not too delicate sandal.

    Bobble: That is such a hip look. I don't think I could pull it off but I love seeing people work shorts with tights during the winter.

    Nancy: I agree, the low-waisted shorts seem to drop from the top and ride at the bottom. Such a tragic look! Here's hoping the high-waisted will diminish the problem. I'm up for the challenge.
    Thanks for your positive feedback on my blog.

    WendyB: I'm surprised you didn't link to a gorgeous pic of you in tiny shorts today :-)

    IWALL: I'm so going to check out that link. Thx

    Riz: I should issue some new challenge to get you in the mood. I too used to feel that shorts were not an option, but I'm trying to branch out. Join me. We can feel self-conscious together :-)

    Miss White: Give into the temptation. I'm sure you will feel all the better for it!

  11. looove these shorts!! if only i werent so pale....

  12. I think I want some high waisted ones!

  13. Addicted: As the palest person in my postal code, I hear you.

    Wendy: I think the high-waisted ones are the official popular choice. Can't wait to get my hands on an affordable pair of those. If only we had Target in Canada...

  14. I really like the Theory ones, especially paired with chunky platform sandals like that. I say give it a go! I bet you can pull it off!

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