Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's the Last Shoe For A While (I Promise)

Jobilyn sandal, 9West



  1. Oh my. I really like those. I have shoe envy!

  2. I really like these, especially because they don't go too far up your ankle, like some Glads do. Great choice!

  3. Love them. Might have to try them on at nine west this week. Hope you don't mind. . .

  4. Thanks for all the great comments. I'm really on the fence about this style, so I'm interested to see how it's received.

    Enc: You really have to start showing some enthusiasm :-)

    Yulanda: They can be yours for 115 bucks. 9West on Bloor.

    Addison: Just checked out your new blog. I think you are my first commenter from Australia!

    Miss C: That's exactly why I can deal with this version of the gladiator. Not too much.

    Etoilee: What colour would you like - they come in pink, you know, and a gorgeous shade of apple green.

    Thanks IHeart. K

  5. These were worth the wait! I want them!

  6. Sorry, I'll try not to be so boring next time.

  7. Goodnesss i need these!! good buy!!

  8. those look fab!

    wait -- i thought these were nine west's jobilyn sandal (which i have):


  9. Dreamecho: They are Jobilyns (didn't the caption say that when you looked at the post?). What colour do you have? Did you do a post on them (I don't remember seeing it.) K

  10. Miss White and Curella: Thanks. Note: These too can be yours for a reasonable price. Somebody's got to get the green ones. K

  11. O Ms K
    Would you please never give up the $$wise shoe search? I'm counting on you. I've purchased the ankle strap/CB knockoffs thanks to you. Thought the navy ones were OK except that the shiny silver buckle looked right cheezy. The black ones also look like the stunning Hermes ones I had on feature in my closet for years...couldn't wear them as they killed me. So now I'm happy with your $$wise pair that SEEMS comfy. I'll have soles and heels covered in rubber at Kaners..great shoe repair guys underneath the Nike store on Bloor so shoes last longer and lose that cheap sound plastic soles make while I walk the subway platform. By the way, please remind your stylin' young women that screeching metal heel posts (when lifts wear off) is the noise from hell and ruins the effect of any decent outfit..ERGO... never buy kitten heels unless you're willing to have the shoes relifted just about every week.
    PS I also bought the fake snake skin glad.flat sandals.I had a pair of real snake skin Patrick Cox ones my daughter make me pitch.

  12. H: Thank you for the tip about Kaners. I've noticed that place but never given them a try. And, you are sooooo right about kitten heels. I have 2 pairs (diff colours) of kitten heel boots (which I had resoled), the heels of which need redoing literally every 5 wears. I hate that clicky sound - and it's seriously dangerous walking around with the metal point slipping around on the sidewalk.

    I loved the snakeskin ones at 9West. I seriously had to stop - or I would have purchased 10 pairs of shoes - but the snakeskin was close to the top of my wish list.

    Daughters are so bossy. :-) K

  13. [randomly delayed response]

    yes, your caption said jobilyn -- that's what threw me off. i have a slightly different gladiator, also from nine west and also named jobilyn. the zappos link i originally posted features the version i have, but you can also see it on me here.

    your shoe and my shoe are distinctively different, yet they have the same name...