Sunday, March 30, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

So here's a post, from Style for the Stay at Home Mom (a new blog I've just discovered courtesy of WendyB), which follows a topic corollary to that of the recent closet org posts... It speaks of the European predilection for moderation - and espouses the enjoyment of the wardrobe one currently owns. I'm really going to focus, over the next couple of weeks, on satisfying my creative urges by styling with what I already have.

Is there nothing we can't learn from the French?


  1. The French are full of good ideas!

  2. that might require more discipline than i can muster...

    oh, and I am pretty sure i got your lengthy thought-provoking comment...

  3. I keep trying to rediscover my own clothing, but sometimes I just get these mental blocks and feel really uninspired.
    To answer your question the pants were a gift from a friend who can no longer fit them, and I live about 30 mins. north of T.O. and the snow is still on the ground for us.

  4. The French can't teach us how to smile! Ho-hum!

  5. Enc: The croissant being among the best of them...

    Riz: You did - and, of course, now that you've seen it, it seems rather less thought provoking than I made it sound!

    Jill: Your comment is so prescient. I'm going to do the same thing - rediscover my own clothing. Pretend I'm shopping in my own (well-organized) closet.

    How nice to have a fellow GTA-er to blog with!

    Clothes Horse: No one can, alas. Especially the Torontonians who are entirely sick and tired of this miserable winter.