Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Fun and Games

So, as mentioned recently, I was tagged by our fashionable newlywed Enc of observationmode. The formidable task is to share some detail about me by giving 8 answers within each category heading. Then, natch, I send this out to others in the hopes they'll do the same...

Let me start with my own tagees - some bloggers I've recently discovered. I realize that I should name 8, but many I would have tagged have already been tagged by someone else...
Etoileee at So much to come
S at I Want A Lux Life
Yulanda at little thoughts
Nadine at Strawberry Kitten

Other fellow bloggers, if you feel motivated to do this, please be my guest.

And now for some answers...

8 Things I am Passionate About (in no particular order)

Sex and Food (Appetite)
Getting a bargain
Shopping kismet
Taking care of my health
Individualism and one's right to express it

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Live in Montreal
Speak french absolutely fluently
Travel regularly in high-style in Europe (aks Go back to Villa Serbelloni, which looked exactly like this 20 years ago, fyi)
Travel to all the other places in the world I want to go to that I haven't seen yet (too many to mention)
Get rich enough to give most of my money away and still live well
Write a book that gets published
Work on some initiative that will have meaningful benefit to the world - even if it only touches a few people
Live to see the re-stabilization of the ecosystem

8 Things I Say (Too?) Often

The thing is...
Are you high on drugs?
I heart analogue
Mummy needs a glass of wine
Don't touch the walls!
It would be so great if you'd rub my feet
________ plus (pron. ploose, a la francaise)

8 Books I Have Read Lately
(Note: I used to read a book a week. Now I blog.)

Good Calories, Bad Calories (Gary Taubes)
Yoga Anatomy (Leslie Kaminoff)
The Little Black Book of Style (Nina Garcia)
On Beauty (Zadie Smith)
Tipping the Velvet (Sarah Waters)
Moon Palace (Paul Auster) - Easily my 3rd read of this one...
It's Vintage Darling! (Christa Weil)
Dead Famous (Ben Elton)

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
(This is just my most recent batch of faves, of course... I'm going with mellow/moody in this mix)

Lessons in Survival (or practically anything from For the Roses - Joni Mitchell. I've had this woman on repeat for 20 years.)
Crowd Surf Off A Cliff (Emily Haines & Soft Skeleton)
Landed (Ben Folds)
Les oreillons (Tricot Machine)
Jesus, etc. (Wilco)
Please Hold My Hand (Kinnie Starr)
Bloodstream (Stateless)
The Moment I Said It (Imogen Heap)

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

Sense of Humour
Educated perspective and willingness to debate

So that's me. Can't wait to hear about more of you.


  1. "mummy needs a glass of wine" - that one made me laugh so much i almost spilled my tea.

  2. I love reading these things and learning more about the person behind the blog beyond their fashion sense & tastes. Thanks for the day -- I'll do my eight soon!

  3. er...apparently I'm still half asleep. That should say, "Thanks for the tag" not "day"! The letters aren't even close enough to make it a mere typo!

  4. 6 out of 8 things to do before you die are mine as well! I recently found your blog (I can't remember who linked you). I'll be back often. Thanks.
    P.S. I'll be in and around Montreal/Quebec City for two weeks this summer. Any recommendations?

  5. Live Fabulously: It's funny cuz it's true :-)

    Yulanda: This is the kind of day to be half asleep (but sunny for a change, at least). Can't wait to see your answers.

    Tessa: I wonder which ones are not on your list! I have a post on Mtl (it's keyworded) on the blog but I'd be happy to give you more suggestions. How amazing that you'll get 2 weeks in that environment. I am sooooo envious.

    Email me at so that I can email you back with details based on your interests / what you've done there in the past (I think you've been there before, yes?)

  6. Love your list!
    I just read Gary Taubes' book too; are you on an all-meat diet now?

  7. I am lucky to be your sister...

    These made me smile xo

  8. yoga has been my savior for stressful times. Even just a half hour session works wonders.

  9. I Heart: I've always been a big protein eater (plant and animal) so I was intrigued to see how much the book corroborated my own anecdotal perspective. Though I'm certainly not feeling bad about my penchant for fat. Though I do kind of feel sugar is the enemy now. I found the book fascinating - perspective changing. How about you?

    A: I am lucky to be your sister too! (Call me.)

    BGG: What kind of yoga do you do? I'm trained as an Iyengar teacher but I've done a lot of ashtanga as well. I find the two blend well together - the Iyengar for the structural ballast and the ashtanga for the vinyasa component.

  10. Detailed inventory, I love it. Now, tell me about this book you want published. What would the subject matter be?

  11. And thank you for the giant plug, too!


  12. Thank you for tagging me! I promise to fill this out as soon as I can. By the way, "For The Roses", is probably one of my favourites too. I have it on both cd and vinyl. I like "Barangrill" and "Let The Wind Carry Me". "Let The Wind Carry Me", is something I always relate to. I have a feeling our surveys are going to look suspiciously similar :)

  13. Etoilee: Let the Wind Carry Me is a freakin' genius song. It's one of my all time faves. It's rare to come across someone else who knows this album (it is practically 40 years old now!). Can't wait to hear about your other music pics.

    Enc: What a good question... I have so many interests that, it could be a) fiction (more character than plot focused) b) a book about health/nutrition, something I'm obsessed about or c) a book about style (not my personal style but fashion icons or an era of dress or how fashion has influenced culture). Hmmm, I'd better get focused if I'm gonna pull this one off. K

  14. I just checked out the web site for Villa Serbellone. Wow!!! We should go there together someday. I did the conversion 700 cnd a night for the basic room. That doesn't leave us much for leather shoes purses ect. mb

  15. Marth: I cannot believe it is that expensive - I didn't even look at that page (for good reason, apparently). When I stayed there, 20 years ago, it was the most opulent place I'd ever seen. I absolutely loved it. A couple on their honeymoon arrived and she had, literally, 10 trunks as part of her trusseau. It was like something out of another time. And the food was so amazing, and in such a beautiful environment, it blew my mind. You know, it's right near where G Clooney has his Italian villa...