Friday, March 21, 2008

Shoe 4: The Sporty American One

This one - by some brand I've never heard of (Next? - $59.00) - was purchased specifically to go with the Sasson dress. While I recognize it is prim, I feel that the buckle-y, shiny redness does up the ante a smidge.

And the angled kitten heel is adorable.

And, furthermore, I can walk in these and look chic in them - even if I don't end up pairing them with the (fairly conservative, let's face it) dress that might lead the whole outfit into suburban mom territory. Please note: I mean no offense to suburban moms, who are an important part of our cultural demographic. I just prefer to dress like a single urbanite pursuing my options...

You should know that, in a fit of shoe-craziness, I have also put aside one more 9West shoe - a matte red gladiator (ankle high) - that is in no way shiny, girly or sleek. I feel, given that I've run out of spaces in my closet now, if I get that one (and it would go with the Sasson in a very eclectic, jolie meets laide kind of way), this one's going to have to go back. Unless I change my mind and find some woman-with-a-fashion-problem justification for keeping it all.

Now's just about the right time to finish that post on closet organization, non?

PS - If you have opinions about which shoe would be better with the dress, you know I want to hear about them...


  1. These are my favourites! Love the colour!

  2. my favorite by far.

  3. Why thank you Miss White and Up and Down - Wouldn't it be funny if the Winners no-name discount shoe turns out to be the popular choice? It is really comfortable in addition to being cute. Go figure. K

  4. Definitely a perfect match for the Sasson dress. I also love these, as you say very chic, and the heel is lovely. All in all, you have great taste in shoes!!!

  5. K, you always look like and single urbanite pursuing her options, especially in cute little heels. You can't walk in the soccer field with those puppies.

  6. Why thank you Bronwyn! I'm glad you think they'll work. This weekend I'll try to put together a photo of the ensemble for reader review. If it ends up not working, there's always the gladiator to add to the mix!

    Marth: It's my chic haircut that does it :-) Must you call attention to the one environment in which these shoes won't work? :-)