Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Little Bit Rock & Roll

The good news to which I alluded a couple of weeks ago is a new job (same organization, different division, somewhat new function) so I've taken a week off to clear my head before starting on Monday. Note: Only crazy people vacation during the coldest winter in 40 years, when they live in Canada and when they aren't hopping a flight to, say, St. Barths. Add to the mix that I have been valiantly struggling with a winter virus - presque fini! - and my kid was home for two days, also sick, and this little hol. doesn't seem like the best bang for my leisure buck. Of course, silver lining, I have had ample opportunity to read the blogs.

M went back to school a couple of days ago - her idea - upon realizing that the alternative was not so much as napping with the blinds shut. Which liberated me to go on a little "K's on vacation" lunch and shopping jaunt. The shop I hit, I only had energy for one, was American Apparel, a place about which I am highly conflicted. In general, I think the clothes are cheap, the staff negligent, the corporate policy dubious, the figurehead appalling and the ad campaign offensive.

What can I say, I'm an unprincipaled woman who embraces contradiction.

In truth, the reason I made the trip (it's in my neighbourhood, across from the cute lunch place, so really not such a stretch) is because I've been somewhat influenced by the rapturous reviews of bloggers everwhere of late. Admittedly, most of those bloggers are 15 years younger than me and they live in Europe, but I've got to say that I like what they're doing with those retro leggings and pull-up socks.

Cut to me, in a brightly lit changing cubby with a canvas drape that doesn't close, preening in a pair of black matte, high-waisted lamé leggings, singing Love Is a Battlefield (quietly). You know, there's something compelling, as I stand at the cusp of middle age, about a tight pair of rocker pants channeling Pat Benatar or Patti Smith or some other anthem chick originally christened Patricia (by her presumably pious mother), whom I remember hearing on hit am radio circa 1979.

Reader, I bought them. Lord knows what I will wear them with, though the blogs will no doubt show me the way. Call it a sad case of me going Crazy on You :-)


  1. Good choice with the high-waisted, I hear their regular version incessantly slides down. My lame leggings were from winners, and they are pretty good with staying up, but then again they were $13 so I don't mind either way.

    Regarding aa fitting rooms, they're horrible. I've purchased all but one leotard online, and much prefer it that way. Good clothing, bad shopkeep attitudes.

  2. Awww yeah. What a brave, and bold purchase!

    I wonder how they'd feel about being worn with your fly skirt? And a pair of tall boots? And a turtleneck sweater?

    How about if I just tell you what to wear?

  3. Lady you've got guts! I want their long sock things without toes, they are so cute, must buy them for my teenage daughters and live my style fantasties through them!

  4. I have the regular version of the black lame leggings, but haven't been brave enough to wear them out yet in this fair city of ours (t dot!).

  5. I LOVE crazy on you! And high waisted lame? Did I read correctly? FIERCE! I'm looking forward to what you're gonna do with it because admittedly, I wouldn't know.

    On another note I hope you're feeling better and yes, blog perusing is a good time killer for those times in bed (if sick or not hehe).

  6. BGG: The woman at the store actually warned me that the ones that aren't high-waisted tend to show a line where they meet your skin (under your shirt). Yikes. I didn't know you could get them at Winners! (You live, you learn...)

    Enc: I have this post in the queue about personal shopping and how much fun it is telling people what to wear. It's like you are reading my mind. I figured out one way to wear them (in advance of your smart suggestions). Stay tuned for today's post...

    IWALL: I looked at those, thought about them, and decided I'd done enough speculative shopping (my kid's not old enough for them). But I did get a pair of those over the knee stockings meets tights in grey cable knit. Seriously can't imagine how I'm gonna pull those off.

    Yulanda: Check out my next post for iteration one of getting up the nerve to wear them out. I think the trick is to just do it (but with a puffy thing on top :-)) Love to know I've got a TO reader.

    Kitten: Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm feeling better and shoring up my confidence to start a new job tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that you, fabulous outfit innovator, wouldn't know how to wear them! Love your poolside pics, btw. K

  7. You did a great job of putting those pieces together, and you have great legs. I forgot to tell you that in my comment on the post of you in the sweater and leggings.

  8. Enc: Thank you so much. Wearing those leggings really makes you think about your legs and whether people should see them so, well, starkly. So I really appreciate your positive comment. K