Monday, March 24, 2008


I cannot tell you how much I love this shot-in-the-arm of springtime colour, courtesy of my fave haunt for affordable, trendy basics, Club Monaco:

Sweater: Club Monaco, Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: 9West, Belt: ?

And here's a gratuitous close up showing off it's colourful, finely knitted deliciousness:

It can be yours for a reasonable $69.00 - though you can spend a smidge more for the translucent cardi ($79.00) or the silk like spun sunshine cardi ($119.00). Will talk more about this one more when I post about shopping fun with Jennifer. (K - I promise a closet org series is on its way, I haven't forgotten about you...)

You know, I've been going to CM for more than 20 years?! Now that's customer retention... (If only they would update their website now and again, I could have shown you a few great pieces. Seriously, how do they expect me to do their advertising for them if they don't give me something to work with??)


  1. You can never go wrong with CM!!

    I would definitely wear this. I love the sweater, and actually I am kind of obsessed with that color at the moment.

  2. A lovely silhouette!! I especially like how the strong heels balance the look.

  3. They're lucky they have you. I always chicken out of buying anything when I shop there. I love it all, but somehow, it's never been me. I love your yellow sweater, and with that black skirt, and the new shoes, I'm really digging it. You look so great!

  4. So cool! I wish I could wear yellow. If I looked as good in it as you, I wouldn't wear anything but yellow!

    Very fab!

  5. Riz: I was so overwhelmed by the joyful quality of the colour, I knew it had to be mine. Do they have CM where you live? If yes, run don't walk (it comes in other gorgeous jewel tones too).

    Miss C: Thanks. I loved the jewel quality of the shoes with the sweater. I was going for feminine but not frilly.

    Enc: You are so sweet to me! Seriously, give something there a go - it's a very wearable collection this spring. I promise...

    Thank you so much, Nancy. This yellow is so nice on so many skintones - believe me, I'm the palest person in Ontario (which is going some) and it still didn't make me look dead. Give it a try. K

  6. i looove club monaco, but i don't have the budget.
    but i like your outfit !


  7. Thank you I Heart!

    Jessica: I hear you. You know, I just found some delightful yellow knits at Forever21 (I have a whole post coming up on this store soon) which are much more affordable. Maybe you should check them out?

  8. I'm a sucker for some yellow. . .

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