Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Could Be Yours

(Natch, it's DesiretoInspire upping my blood pressure again):

What I love about this place is how it looks vaguely like a real person (as opposed to a socialite or successful designer) could construct this with some love, design sensibility and shopping savvy. And, lucky for y'all, it's for sale.

Jo, the post's author, gives us the recipe for scandi real estate marketability:

"Take a large Swedish apartment. Paint white, strip coverings from the floor, make sure the light is good, fill with fabulous furniture including an obligatory iconic chair or two, design a sexy kitchen, style with accessories from your own homewares store where everything is so covetable that it hurts, make sure your clothing props are hip, employ a talented photographer and sell sell sell."

The full post is here.

Just look at it and tell me what you think.


  1. If only we could afford to start again!

  2. I'd smudge the walls just by looking at them ... but the space is truly gorgeous.

  3. I want large Norwegian apartment. I had a good time in Norway a couple of years ago.

  4. Books make such a lovely backdrop!!


  5. i agree with you - it's a do-able look that's also stylish.

  6. I do love the way it really looks like someone lives there. So often home shots seem as unrealistic as fashion photos.

  7. It does ...look totally lived in ...real. I like it. I actually REALLY like that book wall as a focal point ...you could do so much with it ...it becomes art.

  8. Those Scandinavian apartments just KILL me. I could look at them ALL. DAY. LONG.

  9. Fab: C'mon, as far as I can tell, you'll just need to get rid of most of everything you own and raise the ceilings! :-)

    Enc: That's what gets me - it's so clean, so spacious.

    Sal: Talk to my kid who will tell you my most famous line in our house is "Don't touch the walls!" I can just imagine how easily the hand prints are going to show up there :-)

    Wendy: Maybe we should go halfsies and buy one. Only think is, I may not be able to afford to get to Norway.

    CC: Don't they!

    Mademoiselle FF: It's the liveable quality that makes this so appealing.

    Bel: I know. Those are the ones I can't bear to look at. They're so beautiful but they make me feel so bad about myself!

    Maegan: When you buy your new home you gotta keep that trick in mind!

    Alek: Oh, I know. With a good cappuccino, you can have a great afternoon looking at these!

  10. It looks very real, not just done, and it is airy and bright. It makes me want to live there and I am always battling my love of clean, airy spaciousness with my love of color. I used to dislike too much white, but perhaps I am being converted. But I am being converted. The wall of books with the strong color is fabulous and I always thought books and a dining room were meant to be together.

  11. To Do List:

    !. create wall of books.


  12. Mardel: I used to have a "style" till I decided I love everything. :-)

    Hammie: 2. Invite Kristin for dinner.