Monday, June 15, 2009

Both Sides Now

I cannot say how itchy I have been to tell you about every minuscule thought and occurrence of the last week and a half. Now, so much has happened that there's no way I'll remember it all. But I'll try...

Let's start with the broad strokes...
  • I'm writing this on the new computer which my husband thoughtfully researched, purchased and is in the process of setting up. I'm going all "cloud". Yes, my puppies, unless the entire universe crashes, I'm not going to lose my stuff again. (Not that I'm issuing some kind of cosmic throwdown here, you understand.) The mouse doesn't appear to be working - every 3 words the cursor moves back randomly and I finish typing the current word in another sentence. And no, I'm not putting my wrist on the tracker! It's doing some other whack shit too, but I'm confident I'm going to work it all out soon. Or have a small breakdown.

  • Thank you everyone for continuing to comment while I was away - and especially for your loving birthday wishes. I am so overwhelmed by comments, posts and new computer set up details that it could be a while before I am in the groove of reading, commenting, writing etc. But I'm going to get started now!

  • I went on a short trip to Mtl. en famille. Of course, you will be hearing about this at length, specifically about my unbelievable purchases (and those of my friend i.e. M's other mum, Nicole).

  • Of course I can't keep it all inside: Awesome skinny jeans (like leggings I tell you - but not) with zippers at ankles. Oh, how I've searched for these. The most sublime perfume ever - I mean ever. And, ahem times 12, harem pants. Look, they were on sale.

  • The garden is more or less complete for this summer. This is to say that it's a work in process, perhaps till the end of time, but in a manageable way. That's its own 53 posts with photos but first I have to figure out how to download the photos and where to put them. Give me a day or 2... I believe you will not be disappointed.

  • I've been taking a zillion photos of beautiful things and moments and purchases and fashions and, as soon as I have some way of curating them all, they will be up for all to see. I will leave you with this lovely montage (which I can't figure out how to downsample so it may take 5 minutes to load, sorry) that my husband took after spending 3 hours putting together garden furniture and styling shots. It's contains some unlikely pics because he wanted to show me places that were a tip which are now clean, thanks to him. Can you get over how thoughtful that was??


  1. Harem pants? FOR REALLY? I demand photos.

  2. Glad to see you back to posting! Can't wait to hear about your trip to Montreal.

  3. Your back!!!!It sounds like a fantastic bday, trip and shopping. I can't wait for details of all of your adventures and goodies.

  4. My PC likes to do this "every 3 words the cursor moves back randomly and I finish typing the current word in another sentence. " -- it's torture!

  5. Ahh--must feel great to have everything cleaned and orgnized . . .

  6. Happy Birthday K! and lovely lovely garden pics. I guess it is true that Canada isnt having a recession as everyone over here has dug up their "outdoor room" and made it into a vege garden.

    I am also intrigued by the Harem pants. Fashion Osmosis I tells ya!


  7. Fab garden photos, it looks so clean and airy and lovely. The trip sounds lovely too; it sounds like you had such fun.

  8. The garden is looking good! Maybe you've already said this, but is there going to be vines hanging over the top of the pergola?

    And what a coincidence. I bought a pair of black high-waisted black skinnies over the weekend too. They're so tight, they're like leggings. And they're not stiff! Super happy.

  9. There is a piece of software you can download to stop the cursor jumping - I can't remember what it is - had the same problem, but if you google 'cursor jumping' you'll find it. It makes a difference!

  10. Ahh.. Happy birthday K-Line. Can't wait to see more photos from you. Have a good day.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  11. so glad you are back!!! and look forward to seeing/reading more from you, but no pressure! when you are ready to give we will be ready to receive!! :)

  12. Oh my, oh my is this not Garden Porn!!!! That looks fabulous K!!!!! I like the planter pots, I love it all.. will this be your new blogging space?

  13. Sal: You demanded and you received!

    Thanks Tessa!

    Bel: I didn't buy as much as I might have, but I had to shop for post fodder :-)

    Wendy: See Imogen's comment - and apparently the touchpad on this computer is v touchy. there's some setting alteration I need to do but I haven't figured it out yet. Here's hoping, anyway...

    Miss C: It does! And if weather isn't pouring (that's a possibility) on Sat. I'm having my first outdoor dinner party.

    Hammie: Well, at least they've got some good food to eat! Seriously, this recession has to end. It's not as bad in Canada as it is in some places, but it's not great anywhere...

    Mardel: Thanks!

    Raven: Eventually there will be vines, but not this summer (got tired of everything!) ANd where did you get your skinnies?

    Thanks Alek!

    Imogen, excellent info. Thank you.

    Thanks Summer!

    Droll: You are so sweet :-)

    GJ: It will!! If ever the weather turns nice.