Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bon Chic Bongenre

Would you believe that these lovely plates, by Bongenre, are made of melamine??! Me neither. Which is why I snapped up 8 dinners and 8 sides stat. The company founder used to deal in antique porcelain so she knows from dinnerware and how it's supposed to look. Honestly, when my husband pointed them out to me at Ziggy's (that place I go that has precisely everything on the planet of all descriptions), initially I scoffed at him for picking out breakable china. This stuff is a thing of beauty.

Perhaps you know it's Scott's birthday today. We're having a little dinner party (outdoors, weather permitting) and I'm all ready for the BBQ! Well, I have the table organized. Don't worry, I'm going to photo shoot it up the yin yang.


  1. Happy Birthday to Scott!

    Have fun.


  2. these plates are BEAUTIFUL!!! i want them. and i want them NOW. bah! i just love them!

    i hope the weather is gorgeous today for your bbq. i just know you are a super host and that all will be perfect.

    may the hubs have a super birthday.

    and thank you so much for your comment on exes. the comments on that post are helping me think through (and helping me delay my action until i decide what is best -- i am an agonizer :[).

  3. Beautiful plates. Just the thing for summer outdoor dining! Happy Birthday Scott!

  4. LOVE THEM! ...Hope your party goes off without a hitch! Happy B-day to your man!

  5. Those are snazzy. Happy birthday, Scott!

  6. WOW, gorgeous plates!!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Scott!!!
    Hope you had a great time, enjoying and having fun.


  7. These plates are chic and Buutaful! Tell Scott Happy Birthday from all of us here = )

  8. Belated happy birthday to Scott. And i'm sure you had a great time. =D And those plates, so pretty. Love it too.=D Have a nice day.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  9. The plates are fabulous! and outdoor proof too, even better.

    Hope the party was fabulous as well, but I am sure it was.

  10. That first plate is so beautiful! Happy birthday to Scott, hope you had a lovely bbq :)

  11. Very,very pretty plates! Just right for birthday cake . . .

  12. Lovely, lovely plates! I love finding things that are indestructable but look delicate!

  13. Scott thanks you all for your lovely birthday wishes!

    Alas, the weather sucked so BIGTIME I was in a horrendous mood. The outdoor party turned into an indoor party, requiring me to set the table and get organized 2x instead of one. I was a bit of a bitch about it all.

    The good thing is that I did take a couple of (rainstreaked) photos and will continue to take shots of the garden as the weather improves. Pls. stay tuned... Kxo