Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greased Lightning

My new Guido & Mary jeans ($110.00)

Someday soon, when I manage to figure out how to make high-res photos smaller (my husband is on strike, you understand), you will no doubt see my legs in these jeans. Till then, the model above does a nice enough job with the Guido & Mary Brigitte skinnies. :-)

To call them skinny is to call the ocean blue, for example. They are shockingly, unstintingly t-i-g-h-t and I like 'em! The pockets are fake (to retain the slim). And, to increase their perfection, they have ankle zippers to facilitate pulling them on. Despite the narrow dimensions, these are exceedingly comfortable (a la leggings) because of the 4% lycra factor.

I feel like a chic Montrealer each time I wear them. (One who can eat chocolate without having to undo the top button.) And they are Made In Canada! So go out there and support your economy, my fellow canucks.


  1. It really reminds me of Olivia Newton John in Grease - very nice.

  2. I'm sure THOSE have prompted more than one wolf whistle!

  3. wow... those jeans are super hot!

  4. Very nice indeed, can't wait to see them on!

  5. Nadine: They're retro in that fun way. Thanks!

    Sal: 18 from my husband alone :-)

    Mardel: To disclose fully, they don't look quite the same on me :-)

    Enc: Merci!

    J: Super hot they are. I know you would look fantastic in them.

    Fab: My aim is to figure out the computer and take photos and write blog posts on photos over the coming week of my vacation. Let's hope all goes as planned!

  6. "manage to figure out how to make high-res photos smaller "-- always a challenge for me too. Lately I've had luck using photoshop.com (the online version, not the downloadable, easy-for-everyone-except-me thing.)

  7. Tres bien and tres fitted - how I wish for such a pair!

  8. Try Picassa to reduce photo file size (it's free from Google).

    I'm sure they'll look hot on your hot bod!

  9. Wow, those jeans are amazing, what do you wear them with, besides a bad attitude of course?

  10. I bet the jeans look great on you!
    I, however, would look like an unfortunate sausage.

  11. K.Line, you are on fire with your pants lately! (And by that I don't mean that you are lying, I'm referring to the combined fabulousness of the earlier-mentioned hammer pants and these spray-on beauties.)

  12. Wendy: Thanks for feedback. I use a little program called Thumbs Plus which does it - I just can't figure out how (it's easy apparently). I'm holding out until my tech support - I mean husband - provides the requisite assistance. It's in my contract!

    Kate: These really are an awesome combo of fit and functionality. I wish everyone could find them.

    Hammie: Indeed!!

    Fashion and more: Isn't that model outrageous?! So hot it's incredible. Admittedly, I don't look exactly the same :-)

    Imogen: You are so sweet!

    Cybill: Love that - I wear the attitude far to freely :-) I've bee wearing a cowl sheath top and t shirts. I find sleeveless works really well.

    Janet: I find that hard to believe. These jeans have tremendous stretch. They aren't sausage casing in the least.

    Ambika: The jeans, or the model? :-)

    Iris: Ha! I have been on a bit of a pants tear lately. Um, maybe I should have articulated that differently...