Monday, June 22, 2009

Six Scents

While in Mtl, we made a special trip to Reborn, bastien of all things indie-chic, including my new favourie fragrance ever, by Six Scents. The perfume is the result of a collaboration between Symrise, Metaproject and Seven New York, wherein six, specifically chosen design houses (for example Gareth Pugh, Cosmic Wonder) worked with artisanal perfumers to create scents reminiscent of the designers' creative process. Just to make it all more intense and fancy, only 2000 of each bottle was created.

Sounds soooo flaky and elitist, I know, but the results were magical!

I bought bottle 473 of scent #3: cosmic wonder / philippe paparella-paris: the spirit of the wood (photo above). When I say it positively screams sensuous forest, you must believe me. Cypress, vetiver, fig and hinoki (among other ingredients) meld beautifully in this perfume. It is not easy. It is not sweet. No, my friends, it is deep and woody and dusky like sex. It is adult. And I adore it.

I realize that the appreciation of scent is extremely individual, but if you can possibly get your hands on this, do not pass up the opportunity. It wasn't cheap ($125.00), but nor was it expensive given its pedigree. And you will be transported with every wearing.


  1. I smell of unscented Dove moisturizing bars. (It's not soap!) Your scent sounds a lot more romantic.

  2. Scent seems to be extremely individual but your description of that scent has me lusting after it already. I must get a sample. Off to luckyscent I go.

  3. I love perfume and you are right it is such an individual thing.

  4. It sounds beautiful, and perfect for you.

  5. I love limited editions of anything :) ...I wish I could smell it through the computer ...maybe someday lol!

    {noise-sensitive ...yet another thing we share in common. I love that term}

  6. Wendy: As a girl who has smelled of Dove moisturising bars, I can agree it's not as romantic :-) (But clean!)

    Mardel: I really think it has some broad appeal - for those who can appreciate unusual fragrance. I'm sure you will love it for it's forest-like properties.

    Maegan: I know! I'm a sucker for the limited edition. Must. buy. now! And the noise issue can be debilitating. Try Ambiance and let me know if it helps.
    Kate: I, for one, am glad it's not 1sizefitsall! :-)

    E: Thank you. See if you can find a sample. I'd love to know what you think of it.