Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All The Better To See Me With...

My new Karim Rashid designed compact (this looks like a drawing of it somehow...)

Here's a fun story:

A couple of Fridays ago (my birthday), I decided to hit the AGO on my way to a fab celebration dinner, in order to purchase the beautiful, Karim Rashid-designed double-mirror compact shown above. I'd seen it a couple of weeks prior to that, having drinks with Steen and Nicole, and I showed it to each of them as a prelude to buying it for myself. (Note: About 15 years ago, Hilary gave me a great mirror compact one Xmas. I didn't properly appreciate it at the time, though I ended up using it till it was well and truly trashed, and then some. I've been searching for a replacement for a while. But nothing was quite right. Till this one.)

So, I went to the AGO shop and walked to the chic cabinet where the chic things are stored and - egad! - it was gone. There was not another under the chic cabinet in the chic-teak storage drawer. I was shocked. What business do others have buying the cool things out from under me on my birthday! I sullenly departed and was miserable till I found a new pair of hot sandals (post to follow) to distract me. But not before calling Nicole in a huff to advise about the unfairness of the universe and the misery of loss.

She uttered some platitudinous statement such as: It was just not meant to be and said she'd see me at Terroni at 5:30.

Cut to 7:00 pm after a few prosecco cocktails and the arrival of Steen with - can you get over it?!? - the compact in question! Turns out my thoughtful friends, aware of my love for it, went out to get it for me for my birthday.

Isn't that a beautiful story?


  1. Awww. That is lovely of them, and it is a beautiful compact too.

  2. I agree with Miss C. Definitely like The Gift of the Magi but with a happy ending.

  3. Hee-hee at what Wendy said ^^^^^. So happy you and the compact had a happy ending!!

  4. Such a great story! Your friends are so thoughtful.

  5. Thank you Imogen! I sure am...

    Miss C: Exactly. So true!!

    Thanks Sal...

    Mardel - The photo doesn't really do it justice. It's gorgeous.

    Wendy: Ha!

    Bel: Indeed.

    Y: Thanks, they really are!