Monday, June 29, 2009

White Painters

Photo courtesy of FaceHunter (I love that guy.)

Just so we're clear, if I woke up looking like this one day, I wouldn't exactly complain.

Here's what I love about this outfit:
  • Monochrome is so chic - so elongating!
  • White is so chic - so elongating!
  • Those purple heels are so chic - I think you see where this sentence is going...
You could actually recreate it very easily. Of course, you'd have to walk in those shoes so I suggest you recreate it for an elegant lunch at some be-seen restaurant (the kind with really great food and impeccable service). Doncha know one of our young 'un fashion bloggers is going to write a post on those shoes describing them as "comfortable"! (Ah, youth...)

Oh, I know, someone's going to suggest that wearing all white is hideously impractical and tends to make one seem a bit wan a la "veal sausage link". I really never got the appeal of white jeans (despite years of Liz Hurley being photographed in that garment exclusively) until I tried them for myself.

They truly are FLATTERING (not to be confused with flattening). And I am the palest - though hardly flattest :-) - woman you will ever hope to meet.

My husband took a photo of me in Mtl. wearing my own version of this look - it's not monochrome so it's really only half the look. Whatever. As soon as I can convince him to download the picture, I will post it for y'all.


  1. Love that photo and the purple shoes (and your suggestion about an elegant lunch, I love heels but can no longer walk more than short distances in them).

    I used to dread white jeans, thinking they would make my full bottom appear fuller, but they are fabulous, and lengthening, and even flattering on a pale pale girl like myself. That reminds me that I need a new pair.

    Can't wait for the photo.

  2. Please do! Were you wearing purple strappy heels, too?

  3. Love this monochrome white look ~ terribly chic indeed!

    I neeeeeed some new white jeans!


  4. I remember walking down a street in white jeans (as a teenager) and being horribly splashed with puddly water by a truck. So caveat wearer, I'd say, especially in the city!

  5. A whit j-suit definitely reminds me of painters...but she does look really good. I would be afraid to sit down outside though.

  6. this is an amazing outfit - simple and yet the purple shoes just make the whole thing come alive!

  7. I wore white jeans with fuschia flats and I got oodles of compliments and I am not a gal who should dare to wear white jeans.

    I LOVE those shoes.

  8. I'm amused at "flattering" vs "flattening."

  9. Those shoes look torturous to me. But I am a non-high heeled gal. Can't wait to see your photo!

  10. oh, you are one brave soul to don white jeans!!! you can work it, i just know it! and can't wait to see the photos!

    come to think of it, back in high school i had the best white pants ever, that were most flattering on my tricky figure. sadly that was many years and many pounds ago. :(

  11. Mardel: Scottie finally sent the photos and they suck! (bad lighting). But I will resurrect and post them nonetheless.

    Sal: The more I think about it, the less my outfit looked anything like this one. So no to the shoes. But if I had purple heels, I'd totally wear them in this way!

    CC: You are like the ultimate white jeans wearer IMO. Go buy some new ones, stat!

    Miss C: Ha! I know. I can only wear them once a month, it seems, between PMS and bad weather.

    Rebecca: Thing is, you just sit down and worry about it later. It's very "I don't care, I have people who worry about that"! :-)

    Pink: So true.

    Bel: Are you kidding, they are perfect for you with your hair and skin and height and living in LA. Perfect!

    Wendy: I do what I can :-)

    Marinka: As I mentioned to Mardel, they may disappoint. And I misrepresented how I was duplicating this look. But those are small points, yes?

    Janelle: Go. Buy. White. Jeans. Now! You need them to work in a fancy gallery.