Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue Ice

Note to self: Don't allow photography "from below" ever again. Pls. disregard the chins.

This dress doesn't photograph as well as it hangs. Trust me, the adorable mini bubble skirt and exaggerated cowl exact mucho attention from elderly, retired European men and their disapproving wives.

I got it last weekend when camp shopping for M at Dufferin Mall. It was $39.00 at H&M. Seriously, with its beautiful drape, sheeny fabric and rich slate blue colour, it looks like it cost a fortune.

Wait till you see the shoes I wore it with...


  1. oh it looks fabulous!

    {and I had to go back to see what "chins" you were talking about ...lol..I wouldn't have ever noticed!} You look beautiful. I love your hair!

  2. A great cut, and a fabulous color on you!

  3. I don't mean to alarm you, K-line, but it seems you have a gorgeous Greek goddess modeling on your patio. Aphrodite looks lovely in blue.

  4. Gorgeous, darling! I love this color on you!


  5. perfect for summer! with boots in the fall.

  6. I didn't even notice the chins. I was focused on the dress and how good you looked in it.

  7. LOL at "chins." Great color for you.

  8. Y'all are very kind about the chins! (I would expect nothing less of such lovely commenters...) :-)

    Maegan: Merci, doll.

    Monkey: Thank you so much!

    Sal: I LOVE the colour, thanks so much.

    Bel: You def. get comment of the day! I love that. Thank you!! My husband told me that comments like that are going to make me totally conceited. Not that you should stop! :-)

    Thanks CC. It's a very flattering colour on most skin types, I think.

    Tessa: I didn't even think of that. Great idea!!

    Raven: Thank you! The colour distracted you. That's what I was counting on :-)

    Wendy: Thanks!

  9. Why would M want to dress "camp"?

    The dress is adorable and obviously very slinky and sexy on you. Hair looking excellent too.

  10. pardon the cursing, but I LOVE THAT FUCKING DRESS!!! it is so beautiful! and the price!! LOVE THAT TOO!!

    and you look fantastic! just beautiful! well done!!!!

  11. Oh that color is fab and so are you. So where are the shoes?? My hubs knows never to photograph me from certain angles. Below is definitely one of them. You, however, need not worry.

  12. What a nice dress: the color and the shape are perfect for you.

  13. Wow! fabulous, glamorous goddess in a blue dress

  14. I love the color and the way it drapes. So pretty!

  15. Hammie: Should have said "for camp".

    J: You could probably find it at H&M right now. Run, don't walk. It's super flattering.

    Alek: Why thank you for that gracious compliment. Did ya see the shoes in the next post??

    Nadine: Thanks so much...

    Mardel: Thank you! It does have a grecian thing going on. I never wear drape but this one called to me.

    Lisa: Thanks so much!

  16. That dress is smokin'. Well-accessorised with your red pout and 'tood!

  17. I'm must point out the obvious, the way that dress is creeping up your thigh in pic 3 - isn't PG rated. Altogether, in 3, 2,... 'Ice Ice Baby'