Thursday, June 18, 2009

Genie in a Bottle

One of my fave stops in Montreal is Simons which I always called "Seemon" - like some frenchie wannabe - until, a few visits ago, when an actual French SA advised (snootily, in truth) that it's Simons with a long "i", as in the guy who started it was Scottish. Whatever. I still love the place for its occasional fashion forwardness and its truly excellent deals.

Which brings me to the hammer - I mean harem - pants. Look, this is not a trend on which I'm sold. I find it rather absurd. This is why (I suppose) I just had to try these pantaloons on for kicks. And then I thought they were sort of fun. And man, it's sure as hell like wearing nothing. So cool and breezy. I figure, if I never get the nerve to wear them out (and I already have, silly me), I can still do yoga channeling I Dream of Jeannie. Check out my cool new sandals while you're at it.

OK, you asked for it...

Yes, the glasses are goofy but I was on my way outside.


  1. I like them too. I marvel at your ability to make them look so cool and utterly desirable.

  2. Eeeee. I just can't condone these pants, K. Fun and not unflattering, but just plain WEIRD. Perhaps, like Uggs, they could be hanging-out-at-home-wear.

  3. Classic out fit! You look like you're ready to spring into action!

    Oh yeah, one more thing...hubba hubba!

  4. I absolutely love you in them. Unlike me & my goofy take on pegged pants, you actually look fabulous.

  5. they look good on you. when i was in sydney last month all the girls were wearing them. you rock them.

  6. D.: Why thank you. They're different. I'll give 'em that.

    Mardel: What a lovely compliment. Thank you. And trust me, they looked pretty ridiculous in most of the photos.

    Sal: Exactly. They're the uggs of pants!! And I don't condone them either. Just trying to get a little crazy. PS - Love your outfit post today. So gorgeous!

    Monkey: How I've missed you! :-)

    Ambika: Thanks! They are a strange look - and I think the spot they hit on the calf is critical. I tried on another (less wacky) version of these and they were all wrong in the length.

    Tea Lady: Excellent to know. I love being like the girls in Sydney!

  7. I want your pants! Non, but they are the perfect pair good length and look fab. Love the whole head to toe look and the sunnies are de rigeur.

  8. I'm annoyed now. I didn't think they had any left! I bought those in light grey/blue when they first came out. And I periodically searched for the black ones after that. Which part of the store were they in, and did they have a lot left?

  9. no! the sunnies are gorgeous. It is going to take me a little bit longer to appreciate the pants. You look lovely though.....

  10. Woooooo! It's Hammer time, baby!

    I love hammer pants. I loved them when the MC himself wore them, I love them now. (That said, I'm avoiding any that come in plaid - a single incarnation of those is enough.)

  11. EEEEEEEK! I LOVE IT!!! You look SMOKIN' HOT! I love these harems ...they're totally flattering and sexy.

  12. the gold gladiators are sick too!!!! love that they have a little ankle always hurts in flats.

  13. Hammer Time, I love Hammer pants, or balloon pants.. I am so glad they are back, they are SO much fun, and I just noticed all the beautiful motif on your ceiling... You have a fab townhouse.

  14. i know it's supposed to about the pants but i really like the sweater/cami thing you did there. ive never seen something like that before, and it looks so elegant.

  15. Kate: Why thank you!

    Raven: I'm so glad you found them in the end. Justice served. Just look how the internet has helped you!

    Hammie: I completely understand. When I look at these photos, I"m not sold either!

    Iris: Very good call :-)

    Maegan: Thanks so much! Those glads are very comfie - strangely so - and the go with EVERYTHING!

    April: Thanks so much for noticing that rosette. We're having it restored and it's nice to know someone is paying attention!

    ~h: Thanks for your lovely comment. The cropped sweater is a nice look with the harem pant, I believe. Love to know you find it elegant!