Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And Then I Bought Some Hot Shoes...

...which somehow manage to be even more comfortable than the "comfortable" ones.

Behold: They're this chic metallic colour (thanks Mardel for corrupting me!). They're the perfect height for walking up and down and up and down etc. Mont Royal. No "back" of the shoe means no achilles blisters. But they stay on because of the velcro ankle strap. Also, they allow my foot to be as wide and stretched as it wants to be. Good sandals. PS They were on sale at B2 for $120.00 plus tax.

PPS: According to my phone-cum-camera-cum-pedometer, I walked 23000 steps on Saturday (egad!) and at least 10000 happened in this sandal - 2nd wearing. It's outrageous, I know.


  1. Awesome! So are these your walking-to-work shoe solution? I assume so ...

  2. Metallic champagne coloured! Cool Sandals!

  3. Those are really fabulously chic sandals! I love the ankle strap and the low heel for walking. Great find.

  4. Gor-Jus! Perfect for summer time walking. Cute with shorts or a dress! Score.

  5. oooooooooooooooh! these are fantastic! and i love that they are comfortable enough to walk all over planet earth. who doesn't love THAT feature?!?!?!?

  6. These are fabulous, but OMG you walked that many steps... I takes me an hour to do 6000 in one setting..... you rock..

  7. Sal: Yes - when the weather isn't 100 degrees below seasonal, I intend to walk in them :-)

    Fab: That's just what colour they are!! Thanks for telling me.

    Mardel: I blame you. :-)

    Tessa: Thanks - they really can work with anything. I've tried.

    Wendy, Miss C, Seeker: Merci beaucoup ladies.

    Imogen: I was rather shocked. That's about 8000 - 10000 steps a day more than I ususally walk (which is quite a lot anyway). But then I realized I'd started at 10:30 and got home at 10:30. Most of my time was spent walking - and eating!

    Droll: To look nice and be comfortable - it's like a beautiful dream!

    GJ: Keep in mind I walked constantly from morning to night. NOt a usual day for me...

  8. Hotter on than not ...like in the outfit post above ...super sexy!

  9. Maegan: So true. They are a bit flat in the photo, but the come to life on my feet!

    Janet: Thank you...