Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet My (Insanely) Flowering Almond

Yes, it's still small, but it's mighty!

Chaz, my landscaper extraordinaire, has advised that this is a very unusual flowering almond - in that it's flowers are in puffy clusters, rather than evenly spread along each branch. Apparently, it's either a miraculous, one-off / this year only phenomenon I should take photos of (check), or I got a super special tree that will bloom like fireworks every spring!

Ed. Update: These photos were snapped at the beginning of May. Alas, the blooms are now finished for the season - but what a glorious treat!

New Update: My tree is fighting for its life because the blooms may have choked the leaves leading to a weakness that allowed a worm to get at it. We're working on resolving the problem. I am optimistic but give a good tree vibe if you've got a moment...


  1. What a DRAMA QUEEN of a tree!

  2. Gorgeous and, I am sure, is worth all of the effort. I hope it pulls through.

  3. WTF? It's being KILLED BY ITS OWN BEAUTY???? That's a crazy tree.

  4. Just gorgeous! I don't think I knew would have recognized a flowering almond. Now I am in awe.

  5. Very hot. I have a gingko that will reach sexual maturity this year or next (or next).

  6. Hope your tree is okay ~ so lovely!


  7. this is amazing!!! such incredible blooms! such a gorgeous color! if i was a tree, i might just want to be this one!

    and i hope the tree wins the fight for its life. oh, i sure do hope so!!!

  8. Yeah, small but gorgeous! It's so pretty. Looking forward on your next post. Have a great day.;D

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  9. I very much love that tree of yours. I am quite envious. I looked through some older posts and see you are your husband are quite good at tree photography. I hope you take more of this almond tree in particular. It's awesome.

    And happy belated birthday as well!

    -Mike (hm)

  10. Oh man... my comment did not come through here either.... am I lost in your spam box?

  11. Everyone - I LOVED these comments.

    In brief - the tree is a TOTAL drama queen. Sal, you always call it! My baby appears to be rallying as of June 15. I've resprayed with insecticidal soap today and I'm watering the crap out of it. Wendy, I snorted when I read your comment because that is exactly what I think has occurred. Like some willowy fashion model, it was nearly suffocated by its own natural beauty. Talk about irony.

    Keep the tree in your thoughts :-)