Friday, June 19, 2009

Mood Lighting

When first we planned the pergola, the idea was to light it with sconces using, you know, electricity. But the more I've had time to think - and trust me, I've had time to think - the more I wonder if I don't want to get modern lighting the hell out of the picture. Which is why I'm deferring the electrical indefinitely.

Seriously, I'm deferring everything at this point. If only because I cannot bear to watch, wait and pay any longer. The only thing I'm not deferring is relaxing with friends and great food and good booze in copious quantities. And in setting a mood-filled atmosphere as the sun slips behind the houses and the summer night wafts in. (Note to Canadian readers: I realize this is largely a pipe dream given our weather over the last 3 years. Work with me. Let's will it to occur.)

So, back to lighting. I have some lovely candle holders for tea lights and tapers but I felt the need for lanterns. Lanterns just say "backyard party" to me (aka garden-having newbie), yes?

I looked around online and in shops. Of course, I could have bought some very passable and affordable ones at IKEA but that meant I would have had to get my ass there twice in one month. Eeek. Then it hit me: there's a Pottery Barn not 10 minutes from my office.

Disclaimer: I'm not a PB kind of gal. Till this week, I had never actually bought a single item there. Don't misunderstand, I have nothing against the place. Some of my most stylish friends keep the store on speed dial. Well, I do think it's insanely expensive for merch that's extremely available (and hence liable to be seen everywhere). And I do think it tends towards beige in a crazy way. But there's lots of well-appointed stuff. It's like the J Crew of home things. It does American contemporary with exceptional skill.

Anyway, enough of the design treatise. I found these lanterns and bought them (the chrome, not the red)...

I thought they were gracefully ironic - and well made. Not a crazy price, either. And when I showed them to Scott he spit with laughter and squawked: Arrrr matey, them's some fine lights for the prow.

Like they aren't totally germane and adorable or something.


  1. Those are very nice lanterns. There is nothing like sitting on the porch at night and looking out in the yard lit by torches. I hope you enjoy the relaxation these simple lights enhance.


  2. Adorable indeed. And they make me want to come up for a party in that pergola. I look good in candlelight. ;)

  3. I like those. I think they're ideal for the use you propose, and they have a cool vintage look.

  4. Lovely - I love storm lanterns I'd buy lots if I could!

  5. I think that anything that inspires pirate-talk is good.

  6. Retro, vintage, cool and moody(in a good way)at is what the candle lit lighting will feel like. Electricity is so yesterday. Hope you are feeling better about the project.

  7. Those are wonderful. A sea reference is always great in a house.

  8. They are wonderful. And I haven't done electricity on my own deck, well except for the pool, which needs it. I think lanterns are nicer.

  9. D. It's so true - so peaceful. We've already started enjoying them. Stay tuned for photos of the lanterns. Scott did something special with them!

    Sal: Standing invitation. Seriously.

    E: Thanks. Now that's the kind of enc-ouragement I need :-)

    Kate: I'm going to buy 2 of all different types over time. Just to be more interesting - and insane.

    Wendy: Touche.

    Bel: Electricity IS so yesterday. Well said!

    Rebecca: Thank you so much.

    Mardel: As a long time garden haver, you are definitely the expert here!