Thursday, June 25, 2009

Contingency Plans

AKA isn't it great that I have a nice dining room.

Because Scottie's birthday was the most horrendously wet, miserable, cold late June day in memory. And we've had some doozies the last couple of years.

The downpour abated briefly, at about 6 pm, when (according to every freaking forecast in the land) good weather was supposed to appear. Clinging to the vain hope, I set the table with my new "china" and Scott hung the lanterns with hooks and chain like beautiful chandeliers. Look, I knew it was a long shot. And yet I was beyond pissed when it started pissing with rain again 40 minutes later and I had to reset everything in the house.

That lasted till well after midnight, though I did force everyone to go outside for drinks at about 11 - in the mist - under the guise of fully experiencing the party theme "dining in Algonquin Park". What? The candles weren't snuffed by the damp though everybody's ass got kind of soggy.

Here are a couple of photos of the outdoor tableau:

I promise, we have had some nice natural light back there. Maybe someday I'll capture that on camera...


  1. The table is gorgeous, and I'm glad the party was lovely, even indoors.

    At this point I'd more surprised if it didn't rain, but then I think I am now living in mildewland.

  2. Darn -- at least you were able to do it all inside....

  3. Damned weather. NEVER does as it should ...

  4. We had an outdoor dinner planned for this weekend and while it didn't rain that night, it was just too cold so we had to move it inside too. I love your hanging lanterns. I have to figure out how to hang some lights over our table . . .

  5. Peachy perfect on camera - gorgeous outdoor styling. I'm sure it was just as lovely indoors. We get your rain tomorrow!

  6. That table is lovely. And thank god that the party goes well.=D Can't wait to see more photos.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  7. Looks like a beautiful place :). I really like the lamps above the table.

  8. It looks lovely in your backyard. Many epic outdoor parties to come!

  9. Ooh, very nice outdoor space! Am jealous..

  10. Regardless of the weather and lack of natural lighting... This looks FABULOUS, it is just simply spectacular.

    It looks finished, is it, or do you have more surprises for us?

  11. Mardel: OMG so true! I have snails everywhere.

    Wendy: It's true. I should just shut up and be glad we had booze.

    Sal: This summer is really starting to piss me off. But I guess the key is to remember it could always be worse. I'm wearing shearling slippers right now.

    Alek: The lighting was EASY! Just get some "silver" chain from the hardware store (4 feet per lantern is what we used) and some of those hook things that screw into wood. Chances are you have some shower hooks lying around? Screw the hook thing into the appropriate surface (they stay in but come out easily if you want to move them). The chain can be doubled up (looks nicer I think) or single or somewhere in between. Put the shower hook on the end of the chain and link the lantern to that.

    The shower clips we used were stainless steel and they actually clip closed - you do want to make sure that the lantern is held securely. Hope this helps.

  12. Kate: I actually used the outdoor plates inside. Dammit, they're new!

    Summer: Thanks! I assure you there will be more to come.

    Nadine: Thank you so much!

    E8: If the weather ever clears up!!!

    Iris: You live in such a beautiful part of the world. I am jealous!

    April: Thank you! THere are a couple more small surprises. But largely finished. Or work in progress. Can't decide!

  13. It looks so lovely!!!!! I hope you enjoy many parties and evenings in your beautiful new space.
    note to self: don't go so many days away from the google reader or you will miss hearing about important social events.

  14. Bel: Thank you for your comment! I wish you could have BBQ with us. My mother says we need to call it "grilling" because BBQ is different in the states.