Friday, June 26, 2009

Potion Alert

The part of me that believes how one ages is in direct relation to a) genes (first and foremost), b) staying out of the sun and c) spending buckets of money on product is at odds with my underlying suspicion that I'm frittering away disposable income on snake oil plus chemicals to absolutely no effect.

Nonetheless, I am a newly 39-year old woman who wants to retain her sexy, youthful pout for at least as long as Angelina. Enter: NeoStrata Anti-Wrinkle Lip Enhancer. At $36.00, it's only slightly less than a dollar per year of pursing. C'mon, a veritable deal, no?

There are all kinds of rules for wearing it: must apply 3x per day (morning, noon, night), it contains niacin so tingling may occur (though it's a very small amount). (As a daily niacin-taker, I can assure you this has nothing on the real vitamin.) You have to use it up within 60 days or it starts to lose efficacy. Genius on that marketing. It has a fancy, spongy applicator - to make you feel like they've done lots of R&D and you will most certainly get your scientific money's worth.

Has anyone else tried this beauty product? Thoughts or feelings? I'm going to give it 60 days and then I'll report back.

Succulently yours, Kxo

Update: I've been using this for a week now and I LOVE it. I don't know if I'm any poutier or more youthful but it feels great and I sense that I'm poutier and more youthful!


  1. I want the label "tingling may occur" to be on everything. It's just kind of funny.

  2. I can't live without mine from L'oreal :)))

  3. I haven't tried it, but will pass on to my Mom - she is a fanatic about beauty products!

  4. bahahah!!! well if it makes you happy, go for it!!!

    my lips are rather plump already (like the rest of me!), so i am going to skip this for now.

    i hear the lips thin with age. great. so many fun things to look foward to. :)

    and i turn 39 next month. gulp. :)


  5. It sounds fascinating. Over time, I hope to hear more about how you like it.

  6. Looking forward to more updates!

    My current lip thing is the lanolin stuff breast-feeding women use to rub on their sore nipples. I'm not even sure how I deduced that it would work well in my mouth...

  7. Wendy: Just don't get any bright ideas! :-)

    Kira: I haven't tried that one. Maybe I need to look into it...

    Diana: Let me know what she thinks.

    Janelle: I was wondering if you were my age. Your reveries about the 80s made me pretty sure you were! And, I just want you to know, I'm not doing it for the plump. But for the removal of microscopic wrinkles that might pop up at any moment! :-)

    E: What I love is how lipstick just glides on over top of it. It's excellent that way. Very exfoliating.

    Iris: That stuff is actually supposed to be very good! And I bet it doesn't cost 36 bucks!! But you've got a few wrinkle free years ahead of you before you have to start thinking about this.