Saturday, May 31, 2008

What I Wore to SATC

Damn, I'm glad I had the foresight to wear a statement belt!

In full disclosure, I should mention that I am ambivalent about the TV series - which apparently makes me an optimal "adopter" of the film. Thanks to my smart friend Lisa, who just knew it would be terrific fun. Cuz it was.

I realize, by now, you've been inundated with articles and reviews so I won't harp in this addition to the pantheon. It boils down to awesome fashion porn. Turn off the sound and you will still get hot watching it. I mean, if you don't have 3, designer-induced orgasms just sitting through the montage, I can only advise you to get to a specialist stat.

The glib reductionist in me calls it a perfect exercise in consumer and lifestyle marketing. Those cinema snobs may diss it on the basis of its inauthenticity. And Lord knows, there's a vat of subtext about post-feminism - not to mention bourgeois elitism - to consider.* But please, gorgeous readers, can't you just love it for the shoes?!?

*Secretly I love bourgeois elitism. Some of my best friends are bourgeois elitists :-)


  1. Shhh. . . don't tell anyone but I went to see it too. Fashion porn is well put. Honestly. . . while it was SUPER entertaining . . .I now know why it worked best in a half an hour show format. . .

  2. E: I didn't mind how richy, over the top they've got. I hope in 3 years, I'm that much more deliciously dressed :-)

  3. OMG I love you!!!

    The 2nd to last paragraph...I said the exact same thing to my gf last night when we went. I'm so tired of elitist (male) critics giving this show and movie crap for its facetiousness...


    You look hot. That belt is genius.

  5. I'm probably going to wait until it hits DVD but I'm sure I'll be trying to get screen caps when I do see it--fashion porn is my fave, after all ;)

    And you look fabulous.

  6. Riz: Feeling is mutual :-) I couldn't get over how much I loved looking at all the outfits. I was sad when it ended...

    Thank so much Enc! I tried to get my friend B to buy this belt (from one of my vintage stores). I thought she'd bought it but, when I went back, the owner told me she had actually decided not to get it. And I had been dreaming about it's cherry red gorgeousness! I got it for 13 bucks, with my industry discount. Don't you just love that I get an industry discount like I'm in the biz!

    Thanks Bear and Ambika. Ambika: Don't wait. It's really fun and even though I go too see, like, 1 movie a year, I found it totally worth the time and effort.