Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Reveal

So - whatcha think?? (Remember, the back 1/3 is not done yet. That's part of Phase 3, 2009.) Of course, it's very "new garden" and nothing has grown in and the trees look like shrubs but take the long view :-) I have my very own Japanese maple now, a lifelong dream! Note: The path needs more flagstone so the landscaper will return in the next month to sort that out.

I sent my parents some pictures last night and they were truly impressed by the change. My mother said she wished I'd posted a before, before shot, just to give you a sense of the degree of improvement. Then she added, "But I can understand that would have been too embarrassing". More to the point, no such picture actually exists.


  1. It looks perfect for summer barbeques.

    hey, and no lawn to mow :)

  2. Oh BOY! I LOVE it!

    What a quaint setting. It'll be even better when the plants have matured a little. Congratulations on realizing your Japanese Maple dream!

  3. Nice! I'll be waiting for the fully in bloom pictures.

  4. OHHH...I'll be sure to remember not to roll off the patio and into those boulders...I've done that before and the medical bills, not so

    LOVES IT and I didn't want to see the real before. I like things to be on the surface and don't see the need for the nitty xxx

  5. Thanks, Y. Maybe we'll share some gelato back there this summer!

    Enc: I love that you love it!!! I know it's a strange dream, but I love those little red trees.

    Styleraven: I'll be sure to post some more pics when it grows in a bit. Just to torture people with my garden photos...

    I'll have to strap you to a chair, IM :-) I never want to see the real before either. I'm only in it for the beauty...

  6. It is so beautiful, K. I can't wait to see it for myself. You must be very happy.

  7. Oh the serenity. I just adore Japanese maples, and this does have a distinct Sino feel to it. I'd love to knock back a few Mojitos (or maybe Sake) with you here.

  8. Marth: I can't wait for you to see it on Sat. If only the weather would improve so we can enjoy it properly!

    SKM: You and Imelda Matt have to come for a party. Y'all just let me know when it's convenient and I'll put together a great spread. Promise. PS: Kids and spouses welcome :-)