Thursday, May 1, 2008

Payday Payday

So at lunch, ostensibly to purchase new undies for my daughter, I took myself to H&M. Usually I give only the most passing glance to the tier one collections. The merch generally doesn't appeal (at least on the hanger) and when I take the occasional piece out to look closely, more often than not I'm put off by the feel of the fabric.

Which is why I find it so odd that today I bought T-shirts at H&M - delicious-textured textiles the likes of which I would ordinarily associate with a different sort of shop. What up?

So many in my blog posse love H&M (and profiles it so lovingly and attractively) that I realize I'm just not getting the scene. There's great stuff happening there, certainly: I glimpsed the Marimekko capsule (loved the prints but the shapes were difficult) and that amazing cropped, naval-influenced cardigan (they were out of my size, trop mal).

And - here's where I get in the game - the organic cotton line is really great, as were other cotton Ts and shirts and (lord love it) a bodysuit - which our UK friends seem to call, simply, a "body". Time was you went to the Gap for your summer flimsywear. (I know, that is so 1997...) Now you can stock up on basics, eco-friendly ones, for a veritable song.

Look, I haven't forgotten about disposable fashion week and the lessons it taught and the questions it raised. I realize "good for the ecosystem" does not translate into "good for the people making the product". But I also feel that anyone who spends anymore than she has to on something thin and white that's going to end up with chocolate on it eventually (and maybe sooner rather than later) either has way more money than me or way more principals.

At any rate, I purchased the following:
  • White, scoop-neck T with cap sleeve, not to short, nicely fitted ($16.00)
  • Ribbed, white, scoop-neck T with buttons at the decollete (going to the base of the bust), more fitted, "sexy" ($12.00)
  • Slate grey (with blue undertone), very fitted tank top. Will go well under sweaters / with skirts for summer ($14.00)
  • Black, 3/4 sleeve bodysuit - looks awesome - totally Ann Margret with a scoop neck that would really show off The Clothes Horse's tatoos (or tatoons, as my daughter would say) ($29.00)

I also got M a terrific T (I searched for a web pic but couldn't find one) in creamsicle orange that says in bold, left justified text "Think about my future". I am SO not a logo buyer - especially for a kid - but I felt this message would a) appeal to her and b) is objectively appealing. She's an eco-nut going to a school that fosters the development of eco-nuts so I can only imagine how cutting edge this shirt is going to be.

Please stay tuned for my next post which will discuss the white T and the best way to wear it for your body type. Oooh, how Trinny and Susannah!


  1. These sound like good finds. I don't know how to reconcile the eco-clothing/cheap clothing dilemma(s).

    I think I'm going to keep my head buried in the sand until the ban is over.

    Maybe you can sort all this out for us! (me)

  2. Gap BODY - I am a huge fan of!!! Sorry I haven't been around so much, there's just so much craziness going on.

    I really might resort to H&M for undies, since, like rubber bands for some reason, and socks, I don't know where they start to disappear to!

  3. Enc: I wish I knew what to do. And living with S and M just ups the ante. There's no being happy with the little bit you do. This am, S was inquiring about the dye process on the organic cotton. I mean, WTF?

    Riz: Gap Body is definitely the remaining bastien of goodness in the chain. Although Patrick whathisface may fix it all up... They do amazing jammies and camis. But not the cheapest of all. La Senza is a (generally) less pricey, comparable alternative. Do you have an H&M in your town? (What is your town - if you don't mind answering?)

  4. I love their organic cotton kids line, with cute cartoons like "Margot and her escargot". I hate anything "branded", with pictures of Disney princesses or Barbie or, God forbid, Bratz, so these are a refreshing alternative.

  5. H&M always puzzles me. I feel like I should like it, but I only ever seem to buy accessories there. Oh, and that jacket I got in January. * Ahem *

  6. IHeart: Bratz is positively over the edge. Beyond.

    Amber: I don't really get it either - though after this week, I'm getting closer to getting it :-)

  7. ohmigod, was 1997 really a decade ago?! how time flies. i definitely remember gap being the source for summer flimsies.

  8. K: What's really scary is remembering 1987 (Fiorucci, Naf Naf, Lacoste). Sigh.