Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hey Bronwyn, this post is for you...

Ms. FashionAbility herself, Bronwyn, put together a great post about Cindy Crawford, in which she also debates the age limit for wearing minis. In this post, Bronwyn discloses her (apparently advanced) age - precisely one year older than me - and poses a reader question: When are you too old to wear a mini?

I'll have you know I choked on my glass of merlot as I read this.

Cuz whenever too old happens to be, it's not in the near future for either of us, IMO.

You all know, having looked at my photos, that the mini is not a trauma for me. I'm on the short side so I'm always looking for any excuse to seem longer. Not to mention, from years of walking miles a day and doing googobs of yoga, my gams are among my better features.

Bronwyn is lovely, tall and slim in that way that everyone would like to be slim, so I'm voting for a conversion to the mini-side. Join me B, by getting comfortable with the whole look by
  • Starting off long(ish) - make it only a couple of inches above the knee; and
  • Staying in the 'hood - rent a video, hit the coffee shop, grocery shop wearing a short skirt, till you're so comfortable you can take 'em to work.

Here are a couple of ways to wear the look:

Here's a billowy parachute skirt with over the knee socks in maroon

Skirt - M0851, Socks - AA, Sweater - Mexx, Bodysuit - H&M, Shoes - 9West

New! Thrifted 80's sackdress in reptile print denim (oooh, badass) ($28.00)

Belt - also new, thrifted ($16.00), Shoes - 9West

I can just tell I'm gonna be wearing the second outfit all summer long. It's got pockets and it is voluminously cool for the hot weather.

Neither of these looks is attention-seeking short. Both are comfortable. So, Bronwyn, pls. give it a go. You are just the perfect age to rock this look.

Love, K xo


  1. You look lovely -- don't you dare cover those knees!

  2. You are rocking both those looks! Especially the over the knee socks, love them!

  3. I love the second look - the shape of the dress is soo nice!

  4. By the way, I had a reptile print denim jacket back in the day!

  5. That's so strange - I literally just read and commented that post! Coincidence..?
    I really like you red belt in the second pic. Lol, I seriously love that expression "gams". Love how you've paired everything with knee socks in the first one.

  6. I hope she follows thru and puts those pins on show!

  7. WendyB: You are so sweet to me! And reptile denim is the BOMB. I never thought I'd return to the 80s because I was SO there the first time, but I guess you can never say never...

    Thanks Miss White.

    Nadine: I know, isn't it a fun shape with the cinchy belt? And the pockets pull it all together!

    Romany: That is strange. I love when those coincidences happen. That belt was such a find I've worn it with everything since I bought it on Sat.

    IM: I know, she's gotta listen to me so we can have a fashion shoot. It's all about us! :-)

  8. I'd really like to see that dress up close!

  9. Both brilliant looks on you. You have a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGG way to go before you ever have to stop doing anything to "act your age."

  10. Riz: Let me see if I have a useful closeup and I'll post it. If not, give me a while to take more pics. It's been well-worn in its lifetime, that's for sure, which works really well in denim. But I think it's more about the vibe than the fabric.

    Enc: That's what I tell myself! I don't think Bronwyn has read this, or if she has, she hasn't commented. I'd love to see if has any impact on her burgeoning interest in the mini! Those are great pics I'd love to see. And you would look great in minis also. Do you have any? Post some photos...