Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And here's a post about something I didn't buy...

Shocking, I realize.

So, to close the loop on the 20 minutes I spent at H&M - which have since netted me paragraph upon paragraph of blog fodder - I did find one other thing I really debated and hesitated over, before deciding finally to leave it behind. Of course, I haven't stopped thinking about it since and it's probably long gone, which is just as well cuz a girl can't buy every little thing she tries on that looks cute.

Maybe I should tell you what it is, since you may not have ESP when it comes to random items at big box boutiques. Also shocking.

The item in question is a bubble-shaped, jersey sack dress ($39.90)- what an attractive preliminary description - sleeveless with an ecru tank at the top which converts, just above the bust, into a tulip shaped, knee-length affair. Oh, the tulip part (essentially the whole dress) is hot pink. With flat, pleated ruffles (there must be a technical term for these) postitioned off-centre along the left side of the front of the dress.

I know, it sounds hideous. And it was so avant garde I couldn't decide if, in fact, it was hideous (on closer consideration, I think not). It was compelling on one level - perfect for a hot summer day, appropriate for work, fine if I were 6 months pregnant - yet also begging the question "will I live to see this coming and going - ahem - more relevantly on twentysomethings all season long?". I tried to find a photo of it online, but could not. That made me wonder if it's really not all that trendy. Do they do a limited line of things at H&M so, for example, in Canada there may only be 50 of those floating around? Don't laugh.

Strangely, given its pricepoint, it felt nice. The drape was really good. The length was perfect for my legs. It managed, in its sackiness, to make all my limbs look long and slender.

Does anyone out there have this dress or know about it? If yes, I'd love to hear more...


  1. actually it sounds great to me, that would be a kind of dress which I would like to wear :)


    Is it the first dress of this page? If yes, go and get it! I want to buy it as well but it's from the trend section and as you know not available in my town. I'm probably driving on saturday to the next city with the trend section (3hours by train *haha*)

    You're right, it's nothing normal, it's screaming loud because of the pink but at the same time it gives you room to think about its beauty. I would buy it.

  2. OMG Fruchtzwerg - You are unbelievable. That is the very dress. I'm either awesome at describing things or you are like a fashion detective genius! Will update my post with this picture this evening. Merci. Now you're making me want to go and buy this stat but I have no time over the next few days. EEEEK.

  3. I'm glad to hear that I would help you :)Your description was quite well and plus I just checked that page and saved the pic at my laptop to make sure that this gonna be part of my wishlist, that's why it was still strongly in mind.

    Go and buy it! I want to see it on you, it's such a lovely piece of clothing!

  4. Wow! I can't believe fruchtzwerg had a photo, it must be fate, go and get it!!

  5. I had no idea what you were talking about, but thanks to the picture I understand your need for this dress. It's lovely and should probably be bought. That is if over the next few days you still can't get it off your mind.

  6. Miss White: The woman deserves an award - or at least a special mention.

    Jill: I know, based on my description I'm amazed anyone could have figure out the dress I meant. I'm still thinking about it but - in truth - I imagine it's gone by now... (There was only 1 in my size a week ago...)

  7. These are the rewards that being bloggers can bring. I'm happy she found the dress for you. It's really cute, by the way.

  8. Thanks Enc. Read today to learn about the fate of the purchase. (Spoiler alert: Couldn't find it in my size...)