Monday, May 5, 2008

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

For a few good years in my 20s, I was a card-carrying vegetarian.

Then I got pregnant and started eating 20 ounces of rare steak every evening.

And chicken. And lambchops. And bacon.

Oh, and I wear fur.

Nonetheless, some of my best friends are vegetarian. (Well, really, I know some people who used to be vegetarians who have since succumbed to hot dogs, but they feel a bit conflicted.) And for this subset of my social group, I offer up Cri de Coeur an "ethically produced" line of footwear "made by hand as much as possible in Europe". (Ah, when iffy grammar happens to do-good designers.)

All very clean and wearable, by the looks of it, if somewhat derivative. But are they, in all of their leather-free glory, worth $200.00-odd a pair?


  1. I love animals. They taste so good!
    One thing I could not pay for -- Stella McCartney's EXTREMELY expensive vegan shoes. What's up with those? I have 18K gold pieces that sell for less!

  2. I think I'm willing to pay for hand-made, but not this much for non-leather shoes. I have some block about it.

    I like the look of them, though.

  3. $200 for canvas? Je pense que non.

  4. Yeah, I was sold on the last pair you have shown. . .I was determined, I was going to buy them. .. I decided they were a bit overpriced. . . now I've got three cheap pairs of sandals and I couldn't be any happier (including one non leather pair from Target that cost $12.99)

  5. That last pair is yummy! (I wonder how man-made materials taste?)

  6. They look nice, but nice enough for $200.

  7. Ok, I'm outting myself: I am a vegetarian, but not b/c of ethical issues. Plainly because I am disgusted by all the hormones in the meat! If I could find another place that offered hormone free meat other than Chipotle, I would be happy indeed with my lambchops - the meat I miss most...

  8. righto this madness must cease, $200 bucks for non leather shoes! Give me your fur stole and I'm march right into that Transylvanian sweat shop and bang some skulls together.

  9. WendyB: Indeed they do! One has to wonder where the eco-mindset outweighs the sensible mindset.

    Enc and Miss C: I know, I'll pay a fortune for leather. Not so much for canvas...

    E: I imagine your very well-priced Target shoes are perhaps vegan after all?

    Trendinista: Not as good as steak.

    Jill: I think the boots were actually edging up on $250...

    Riz: Not sure where you live but there is no Whole Foods?! This is terrible. I can completely understand, in light of hormones, why you would forego the meat...

    IM: I knew I could count on you!! K