Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ecru Brute

I know - I'm pushing it with the title.

So, in addition to art and children's clothing (more examples to come), I managed to find some of the best vintage loot ever at Apt. 909. Pls. note that yesterday I erred by calling it Apartment 909, which isn't technically its name. (I've linked to it in my Places I Love to Shop roll on the right. Aparently, they'll have a website up and running soon.)

In short, you really must visit this place. Even if you live in California, please do yourself a favour, hop on a plane and come check it out. I'm sure the lovely owners Ria, Beth and Dai will appreciate it as much as you do.

Chic cohabits with kitsch and some of the most delicious designer finds around. I saw (and tried, natch) awesomely well-preserved Lanvin, Pucci, Chanel, Gucci, Pierre Cardin, Louis Feraud, Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Thierry Mugler and the list goes on... These people care and it shows. Oh, and while not cheap, it's reasonably priced given what's on offer.

Here are a couple of (accidentally coordinating) things I bought on Saturday - and wore today:

Vintage 1950s silk scarf NEW, vintage 1960s polyester shorts skirt w/asymmetrical pocket NEW, AA above the knee tights, Jacob burgundy wool sweater

Apologies for the the scowl and muffin head. It's challenging to look cheerful and fresh at 7:30 p.m. Marth, if you're reading this, I'm going to come in for a haircut soon!

PS, Today's subtext: If you care to look like a waif, don't wear a plaid poly skirt with a polka dot scarf :-)


  1. Love the above-the-knee tights look! And the plad skirt is fab . . .

  2. I love this on you; all of it. Especially the over-the-knee tights and the color of that sweater.

  3. You look great! Love the above-the-knee tights!

  4. wow, u really do scarves very well! :-)

    P.s. thanks for the sweet comment on Adam Lippes on my blog! :-)

  5. That colour sweater looks fantastic on you, the plaid skirt is amazing, and I'm quite intrigued by this store you have mentioned.

  6. I remember reading about this store in Toronto Life! Been meaning to take a look, but because it's at the other end of the city, I keep putting it off. You look fantastic in your new finds.

  7. Merci Miss C! I can imagine you in plaid...

    Enc: Thanks! I love those (new) over knee sock things. They are kind of kid-like, kind of sexy. And the colour is nice. All for 12 bucks.

    Thanks IHeart!

    Curella: Thanks for saying that. Secretly, I LOVE scarves - which is good given that I live in Canada. I think your new coat is awesome and I'm so jealous you managed to score such a great piece for free. He seems like a great guy as well as a great designer.

    Thanks Jill. It's a really super store. You should come downtown and check it out. We can meet there and have some fun...

  8. hahahaha...the subtext is most amusing, I'll be chuckling for hours. Pucci, Gucci but no Fiorucci?

  9. Scowl and muffin head?? Doesn't get better than that. . . and you're still absolutely lovely! I also, have a hard time collecting myself at that hour of the morning.

  10. I absolutely love this outfit. That skort thing is fab!! It kind of looks like the prada patterned checks from this season. I cannot wait to wear knee socks like that soon.
    You are the best!

    (Just get rid of the scowl ;)

  11. Oh this is a really cute outfit! I particularly like the scarf on you. It is all such a wonderful, youthful and fun combination.

  12. They probably did have Fiorucci, IM! I'll go back and check.

    Thanks WendyB - it's no leopard print dress...

    E: That was 7:30 pm! Not that I'd photo much better at 7:30 in the morning :-)

    Riz: Ooooh, I love it when people compare my things to Prada.

    Thanks Mey - Is that what we call you with that exciting handle?

    Thanks SKM - I'd love to go to this place with you. I have a feeling you would LOVE the merch. K

  13. Diva: Somehow I missed your comment! Thanks so much, K

  14. Lady, you look amazing! The way you incorporated the socks and the scarf, it looks so classy and kind of naughty (haha, sounds so stupid, but it's meant in a really good way!) at the same time! I love it!

  15. I love this look on you. So pulled together and eclectic at the same time. Perfect!


  16. Kitten: Coming from you, that's a great compliment. Naughty, classy. I love that...

    Anonymous Sandra: Mercie. And, btw,are you my dear friend Sandra, with whom I haven't spoken in so long and whom I miss so much?? If yes, pls. email me.

  17. We have to get together soon. How about this Saturday scissors and gandt's in your fabulous back deck?